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HipHop or HipPop

​GZA… I wouldn’t post him up as being my favourite MC, nor even Top 10, but he is extremely lyrically gifted and part of my favourite group of all time so he gets high ratings, naturally, through association, yet on his own merit. 409 more words

Jurassic Park Novel and Movie differences: Characters part II

Here’s a few more changes to the characters in the transition from novel to screen.

Lex and Tim-Hammond’s grandchildren, are also invited to the island in both versions, to help keep their mind off their parent’s divorce. 667 more words

Next to a Ficus: Jimmy

I created and developed a serial comedy interview show called Next to a Ficus (a spin-off of Between Two Ferns). This episode was created in conjunction with Student Life Newspaper’s coverage of the second Presidential Debate, which was held at Washington University, and features an interview with the President of College Democrats on campus, Jim Loomis. 9 more words


Colin Jost Comedy Show Review

In the echoed opening of Graham Chapel, around 400 people sat in pews Thursday night listening to early 2000s jams as we waited for the fall comedy show to begin. 1,133 more words


Student Union Editorial

This article was originally published in Student Life.

Last week, Student Union Senate passed a resolution denouncing Dining Service’s decision to eliminate mozzarella (mozz) sticks, crepes, and tater tots and asking them to continue providing the foods regularly. 436 more words


5 Ways To Be A Better Communicator

Communication, in all aspects of life, is an important skill to possess. Some people are natural born communicators, but do not fret; communication is something that is a teachable skill and can be learned with practice. 593 more words