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Neko Mania: Catmanders!

Utuk’ku continues to seek out new feline friends in an attempt to become the crazy-cat-norn of the Shiverpeaks. After many, hard-fought battles and exploration of hidden crevices*, she discovered two commanding breeds… blue and yellow catmanders! 139 more words

WvW is Still Not Fixed

I’ve played WvW casually on/off in the past, enough to get to rank 196 before the update. I never invested my time there because it was barely fun, your only options to roam aimlessly on your own or with a zerg. 1,376 more words

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New world vs World patch

Those who know me well know that I am very PvE orientated, a casual that tries her best and reward driven. Before the patch I was a modest WvW level of 232. 764 more words

Guild Wars 2

The SAD Project - Day 10 - The First Night of New WvW

Bit more shine to the UI. Really quite nice. They put in the reward chest system that was used in PvP leagues.

So now besides upgrading your own personal WvW rank and earning personal reward track progress, the other set of reward chests rewards your participation in your world’s overall progress (or lack thereof.) 1,070 more words

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 World vs World - Borderlands

I have spend many hours playing Guild Wars 2, or more precisely, doing battles in the game’s World vs World vs World environment. Today, I want to start explaining this gameplay better. 512 more words

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Tips for WvW Newbies, by a noobie

Good day

Given the interest of the upcoming WvW feature pack 2017, this is a good opportunity for anyone interested in the game mode to try out (and gain shiny new rewards!). 827 more words


The SAD Project - Day 7 - All Aboard the WvW Bandwagon

This Sunday, I dug my secondary guardian – the mothballed one intended for WvW – out of cold storage and forced myself to clean up his inventory. 3,148 more words

Guild Wars 2