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Elitist or Elated?

So Happy Together

Many people will disagree, but I stand by the fact that I’ve had better experience with the community of Guild Wars 2 than I have had with any community in MMO gaming (other than LOTRO, before Free 2 Play). 986 more words

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2: The New Desert WvW Borderlands Map

So some Guild Wars 2 reps at Rezzed explained some of the new features coming in the new WvW borderlands but ArenaNet Game Designer Tyler Bearce… 347 more words


Welcome to the Desert of the Real

The new WvW Borderlands map, showcased on Twitch during EGX Rezzed, look incredible. So much so that it kind of makes the old Borderlands map and the Eternal Battlegrounds map look generic and boring. 719 more words


No Compensation without Participation: The Conundrum of Rewarding Defense in WvW

UPDATE: Based on the reddit discussion thread, I have added the heading “Tiering Rewards Based on Actions Performed” below.

Defense in World vs. World is not rewarding. 2,993 more words


What World vs. World Can Learn from Edge of the Mists (And Vice Versa)

Alrighty, I’m back off the hype train of expansion, Heart of Thorns, all that jazz. I now return you to your regularly-scheduled Tough Love Critic. 3,360 more words


6 Popular Reasons for choosing a Guardian class

Firstly, I shall start with my favourite and most often used class, let me introduce to you — the — – Guardian!

The Guardian is a defensive soldier. 492 more words

6 things to know for Returning(or New) players

Admit it.

This game was launched in 2012. And this game is still ongoing with new content even till now.

For a new or returning player, whats has changed significantly? 533 more words