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#WVW: Cravings

Hello and yes I’m cheating a bit this week. I actually wrote the majority of this post two days ago but didn’t end up finishing it. 864 more words


#WVW: Did I Make It Big Yet?

So my word vomit came out a little late again, but here we go…

I have about an hour commute to work everyday, and then another hour/hour and a half to get back home. 1,401 more words


#WVW: Stick With It, Home Girl

#WVW = WORD VOMIT WEDNESDAY. This is a blogging series that my amazing friend, Taylor, and her friend started, which inspired me to join as well! 1,490 more words


#MFM / #WVW: "Character" - who you are when no one is looking

Read other fellow’s #WVW!


Word Vomit Wednesdays (and now Mind Fart Mondays thanks to J9 :D) is an initiative made by my friends from the Jubilee Project Fellowship where you are given a random topic to splurge about a few hours before midnight.

1,384 more words

Heart of Thorns: How To Earn Hero Points Entirely In WvW

Hello all, there was a post by Tyler Bearce on earning hero points by entirely by playing WvW if that’s your thing. So here’s a quick run down: 241 more words


Guild Wars 2 Commander Squad UI Gets A Buff

Colin Johanson, Hugh Norfolk and Joshua Davis sat down at TwitchCon to show off the new Squad UI for commanders that’s coming to Guild Wars 2. 104 more words


Implementing Alliances (Part 8)

The alliance system that I have proposed over the past week is a massive change from the existing server system. This begs the obvious question: how to move from servers to alliances? 857 more words