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Significant WvW Upgrade & Ability Changes Coming With Heart Of Thorns

Well it seems that WvW isn’t just getting a new borderland facelift! Game Designer Tyler Bearce wrote up a blog post about some upcoming WvW changes. 450 more words


Woman Crush Wednesday | Eleanor Roosevelt 

First Lady… OF THE WORLD!

We all know who this dame is. She was also an amazing human rights activist. Thanks, Eleanor!

Woman Crush Wednesday

Unforgettable to Ignorable: Elite Skills in Guild Wars 2

NOTE: The following post is about builds, and applies to all modes of Guild Wars 2 (and Guild Wars). It draws examples from all modes of the games as well. 4,043 more words


Pride Issues: Holding WvW Back with Rhetoric

Pride is a big part of PvP. The pride of victory, the pride of improving, the pride of defeating someone you couldn’t before. And in the mass PvP realm of World vs. 1,475 more words


Elitist or Elated?

So Happy Together

Many people will disagree, but I stand by the fact that I’ve had better experience with the community of Guild Wars 2 than I have had with any community in MMO gaming (other than LOTRO, before Free 2 Play). 986 more words

The Traveller Of Tyria

Guild Wars 2: The New Desert WvW Borderlands Map

So some Guild Wars 2 reps at Rezzed explained some of the new features coming in the new WvW borderlands but ArenaNet Game Designer Tyler Bearce… 347 more words


Game Mode Soufflé

If you like World versus World action, then there’s great news for you: this is one of the game modes that have been included in ArenaNet’s latest desert-themed Player versus Environment versus Player versus Door borderland map. 2,073 more words

Guild Wars 2