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Guild Wars 2 Commander Squad UI Gets A Buff

Colin Johanson, Hugh Norfolk and Joshua Davis sat down at TwitchCon to show off the new Squad UI for commanders that’s coming to Guild Wars 2. 104 more words


Implementing Alliances (Part 8)

The alliance system that I have proposed over the past week is a massive change from the existing server system. This begs the obvious question: how to move from servers to alliances? 806 more words


The Alliance Structure: Sidestepping the Problems (Part 5)

Alliances neatly sidestep the problems that have plagued World vs. World since its inception, either eliminating them or reducing their effects. Consider the following problems highlighted in partsĀ  529 more words


Guild Wars 2 New Look & New Business Model

If you’ve secured your account then you know this mini that will take me a while until I get tired of it. That is if I ever get tired of it. 555 more words


The Case for WvW Alliances (Part 4)

World vs. World needs major changes, and while the recent announcement of WvW upgrade changes (and associated guild upgrades) could be a part of that, it doesn’t address the structural issues of WvW as a whole. 1,472 more words


Heart and Soul: The Guilds of World vs. World (Part 3)

For a game called Guild Wars 2, there is very little emphasis on guilds within the game. While guild missions exist, and there are dozens of perks to being in a guild, very few things are a reason to be together as a guild beyond a bigger friends list. 868 more words


Putting Guilds Back into Guild Wars: WvW Alliances (Part 1)

World vs. World is a stale, buggy, unbalanced mess. Which is exactly how the game mode launched back in September 2012, minus the stale. Regardless of some minor changes to the format and a trio of tournaments, the only major change slated for the game mode is in the indeterminate Heart of Thorns future. 430 more words