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We Can Have Nice Things Now

Once upon a time – three months ago, to be exact – I dropped a napalm bomb on my Guild Wars 2 account and said I wouldn’t be back until design changes had been made that brought the game closer to its original philosophical standpoint. 633 more words


World vs World: Hope is returning slowly

For those of you who never met me, I am one of those players who just loves World vs World, spending countless of hours in there for more than two years on different EU servers, Gold, Silver and Bronze. 3,787 more words

World Vs World

Guild Wars 2 WvW und so ...

Was soll man dazu noch sagen? Die Bevölkerung schwindet, nur
“die Ewigen” ham noch große Zergs und die neuen Karten, zwar
hübsch, vergraulen die Spieler eher durch zuviel PVE nebst… 313 more words

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 - Balance Preview Thoughts On Thief

Now, as many of you know, Thief is my main profession in Guild Wars 2. Right now, Thief is in a sore spot having damage and mobility but not having enough survivability to use said damage in drawn out fights, troubles with condition damage and not enough sufficient party utility for raiding. 722 more words


Cully vs Olo

Durch kodashianische Urwälder, Untiefen und Gletscherspalten scharwunzeln
zwei Menschoiden, deren virtuelle Namen nur Culling Strike und Olorin (mit
so nem dämlichen Accent uffm O, den ich nun zu faul bin, zu replizieren) 401 more words

Guild Wars 2

Should You Come Back To GW2?

It’s been 2 months since the release of Heart of Thorns, the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. But rather than do the usual review, I want to talk about the game from the perspective of a returning player. 570 more words

Some more WvW feedback 4: Elite Specs and Class balance:

Like I explained for a large part already in my previous article I don’t like the idea of Proofs of Heroics being soulbound and the chests not stakable. 1,704 more words