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Yaks Discord

[ easy link → http://tinyurl.com/yaks-discord ]

Yaks is now picking up Discord as our main internal communication tool. Discord is quite neat and free, all around. 186 more words


I Did it!! I made Meteorlogicus!

I have been working on the collection for Storm for what seems like ages. Tier 1 and 2 were ok to do in terms of in-game items to collect and people to talk to, places to visit etc. 451 more words

Guild Wars 2

Wintry Dreams

My desire for player combat requires a campaign and a kingdom. I seek now at my middling age a slow burning fire that warms the room as the tales of empires past are sung by a honey-voiced bard whose lyrics thread themselves between the weighty breaths of sleeping children. 844 more words


Alpine Borderland is Back!

NO BS! Log on and roll! Go check it out!
(screaming and yelling and crying like a baby. T_T ) 158 more words


We Can Have Nice Things Now

Once upon a time – three months ago, to be exact – I dropped a napalm bomb on my Guild Wars 2 account and said I wouldn’t be back until design changes had been made that brought the game closer to its original philosophical standpoint. 633 more words