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'The Dutch Wife' by Ellen Keith

Marijke de Graaf and her husband are arrested for being involved in the resistance movement and deported to separate concentration camps in Germany. Marijke is given a terrible choice: to suffer a slow death in a labour camp, or have a chance at survival by volunteering to join the camp brothel. 204 more words


Dunkirk: Movie Review

Hey world! Hope you’re having a great weekend!:) Today I’m gonna review Dunkirk (directed by Christopher Nolan).

Director  – Christopher Nolan

Release date – July 21 ( US theatrical release) 301 more words


'The Baker's Secret' by Stephen P. Kiernan

There’s been a lot of novels written about the second world war. I especially have liked the ones that feature strong women characters like Code Name Verity… 190 more words


Book Review - Secrets of a Charmed Life

I have had this book by Susan Meissner on my list to read for quite a while, so I didn’t remember what had caught my attention, just that I had determined it sounded like a good read. 234 more words


'The Lost Garden' by Helen Humphreys

Book clubs always get us reading books we wouldn’t normally pick up. That’s what happened with this short lyrical novel set in WW 2. It beautifully describes the horrors of war from the relative comfort and serenity of an idyllic English country farm, sort of like refracted light. 154 more words


Book Review - Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

After a very long time I read a book that affected me in such profound fashion . It’s a beautiful book . The subject is an engrossing tale of 4 generations of Korean immigrants in Japan . 312 more words


learn from history about appeasement.

Some historians refers to the first and second world war as one war from 1914 to 1945. That’s a 9 year war, shorter than the 100 year war or the thirty year war or even the Vietnam War which lasted 20 years or the current unresolved Jihad war in the middle east that has been going on for 27 years. 1,939 more words