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Jimmy Stewart - He wasn't play acting

I spent some 45 minutes “websurfing” for more background info on James Stewart, having read Pacific Paratrooper’s post.  He, like many others carried with them the horrors of total war; kept their feelings bottled up, and never discussed their experiences. 244 more words


At the Dead of Noon, a poem ... and your Wednesday Writing Prompt

If you weren’t there
you can hardly imagine the beauty and
exquisite peace of those hot summers
Sun as bright as a child’s heart
Trees as old as God and thickly leaved…

272 more words

Anyone who does not condemn, consents...

Recently returned from a Holiday in Poland having visited several Holocaust sites including Auschwitz I found the experience sobering and at times moving, I was touched by the March of the Living presentation to remember the Holocaust. 79 more words


The History of No. 264 Squadron, Royal Air Force

Many thanks to Pierre Lagacé.

His blog: https://johnkellynightfighterpilot.wordpress.com/

This story sparked my interest in part due to the obscure aircraft they used; the Boulton Paul Defiant.  715 more words


World War II Became More Than Just "A Thing"

World War II was only 12 years in the past when I was born. For me, “the war” was this thing. Clearly, it was the focal point of my parents’ lives and of the lives of all their friends, but to me, it really was just “a thing.” We kids used to go to a place called Sonny’s Surplus—there were several stores around Baltimore—and get pistol belts and canteens and .50 caliber machine gun bullets (minus the primer and powder, of course.) I remember paying a nickel each for two cartridge pouches stamped, “KC 1943.” We used all this stuff to play army. 490 more words


HMAS Canberra Memorial – Sunk in Service

This memorial, located about 50m from the National Carillon and easily recognised as you walk along the northern shore of the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin is a five tonne anchor and chain of the type typically carried by a naval cruiser like the HMAS Canberra which it commemorates. 266 more words