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Lasagna Wonton Cupcake -- Weight Watchers Friendly 4pp+

This weekend my family came to visit. I knew I was cooking a meal for 6 more people than usual so I perused my meal plan for the month in search of a recipe that could be stretched and bulked up. 449 more words

Weight Watchers

Tomorrow will be different

wow. every time i log onto this site, something has changed.

tonight i have made a decision to look at my relationship with food from a different angle. 146 more words


Failure isn't falling down It's remaining where you've fallen.

This week I fell. In more ways than one. Here is a picture of the results of my literal fall is week:

Was running the track at the gym and I fell. 554 more words

Planning meals and cutting down on sugar

As I mentioned I would do in my last post, I’m back mid-week to note how well planning meals is going. I’ve stuck fairly well to the plan, with only one change to yesterday’s plan – we were a bit too lazy to cook so popped down to Subway instead. 282 more words


It's the weekend again!!

So I’m totally spoiled in many many ways. One is that I have a bad ass little side job that I love AND I get weekends off!! 328 more words

Retain [Verb]

The tips of sunshine slipped across the house, which slept under a rooftop of black shingles and the lowest branches of the old elm tree. Fallen leaves, green as a caterpillar’s underside, swirled in the recess of the gutter that trailed along the rooftop’s edge. 94 more words