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Yet another leafy WW

Hope you are not feeling bored with this onset of leaf and light pics from me !! Its amazing…how the green shade reflects the light of the sun !! 23 more words


Another leafy WW

Another picture where I loved the shades of green !  Shail, you inspired me to click these…thanks :D


Banana and Biscoff baked oats

Back in March, I raved about a baked oats recipe I discovered and adapted. I do like to invest a little more time into cooking when I’m at home, and as a Monday off sprung up, I decided to set myself up for the week. 253 more words

Yummy Things

{garb ~ 16th c. Ottoman Turkish ~ L.Talbot }

Well, first and foremost I suck at updating blogs and tracking anything. We’ll try this again.

Second, some mad impulse struck me to try and crank out a new set of garb less than a week before the Warriors & Warlords event a few weeks ago. 384 more words


Weight Watchers Review!

So, after following the Weight Watchers plan for a week, I was able to lose 1.6 pounds! Wohoo! *Throws confetti!*

I might be a little biased because I had already been a member for several months before challenging myself to actually stick to it for a whole week, but I actually really like this plan. 313 more words

Weight Loss

Wednesday Will

A little mid week motivation. Because I’m feeling exhausted but I’m not gonna stop!

If you are feeling the same way, I hope you fight through it and keep going!   24 more words

WW-Auto Correct Fail

Billy Cook is obviously more versatile than I realized. The mommy bloggers need to get on this!