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What's your excuse??!?!

So lately I’ve kinda been full of excuses. Excuses of why I can’t eat healthy or can’t work out. Of course I am fully capable or doing both… It’s just hard. 581 more words

Weight Watchers

Motivation is an elusive mistress for sure. Regain your mojo with these tips

Motivation can be an elusive thing. One week I seem to have it in abundance & that’s it, I tell myself  I’m definitely going to reach my goals & everything seems infinitely easier, I’m organised, prepared, plan my meals & I’m raring to go & everything just clicks into place. 1,592 more words


Weakness Wednesday- Squat (Hip External Rotation)

External (Lateral) Rotation of the Hip

Whenever there is talk about generating power we always hear that power “comes from the hips”. This couldn’t be truer and the way we generate power is by creating torque and creating torque requires us to be able to effectively externally rotate our hips. 408 more words


Wordless Wednesday: Fashion Forgotten

I have so many words for this Wordless Wednesday… about everything from her hat to her eyebrows to her shoulders. Enjoy.


Lady Grey