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Difficulties Women Faced Finding Work during the Interwar Period

It’s hard to pick up a newspaper at the moment without seeing a headline that another company has gone into administration and with that so many jobs lost. 1,102 more words


Private William Jervis Clarke: A story of World War I 1914 to 1915 – Chapter 11

In this week’s letter William seems determined to break the rules and apply for a different job when he’s not really supposed to. But it’s a job after his own heart! 490 more words

Thrust into the Light - Innocents in War

The Diary of  Dead Officer by Graeme West is the wonderful story of a young man who loved the natural world and all that was good and peaceful in it, who after being thrust into the light of life, went to war, where he died with a sniper’s bullet in his head. 188 more words


(poem for Edward Thomas)

leaves are
ghosts of sorts

if only
we knew
how to
talk to them
feel for them

when they fell… 100 more words


Ferdinand Foch

“In whatever position you find yourself in, first determine your objective”

-Ferdinand Foch

(right click the image for download)


A postal discovery

I received an email the other day from a friend saying she’d received some real post for the first time in ages and what a wonderful feeling it caused. 737 more words


6 July 2020: Battle of Felixestowe

PBEM game

Start of Move 4 of our global PBEM game between the German and British squadrons (WW1) in a refight of the Battle of Felixstowe. 347 more words