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A Congregation Of Spectres

After leaving Waldsassen, we crossed the border into the Czech Republic and made our way to the little Bohemian village of Lukova. It’s only 55 miles, but the journey took longer than expected as the roads shrunk down from highways to country lanes. 398 more words


No Polokaust Negationism: Nazi German Attitudes To Poles and Jews Were Very Similar.


Jan Peczkis

Holocaust Perpetrators of the German Police Battalions: The Mass Murder of Jewish Civilians, 1940-1942 by Ian RichPublished May 3rd 2018 by Bloomsbury Academic… 712 more words

Sweden’s Forgotten Past

World War Two, 1942


Sweden and Russia have quite the history. Not only in the pre-WW1 world, where they were two superpowers that could take on anything (except each other), but also in WW2 and even somewhat today. 425 more words


Defending Britain

With the prospect of invasion in 1940, following the evacuation at Dunkirk, Britain quickly prepared for the expectation that Germany would try to invade this country. 318 more words

Country Life In Norfolk

Kamikaze Pilot Took His Wife On Fatal Flight

Even though World War Two had come to an end, the story of a Japanese couple who met their death in a deliberate kamikaze suicide flight against Soviet troops has come to light and has been turned into a television program. 479 more words


Art Vandals 4: A kiss is not just a kiss

Weapon: Spray paint, red

Reason: Political, gender politics

This iconic image marking the end of the Second World War for the USA looks different in the cool light of 2019. 477 more words


February 20, 1945 Falling on Grenades: the Indestructible Jack Lucas

In the days and weeks following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, enlistment and recruiting offices across the nation were flooded with volunteers. Birmingham Alabama saw 600 men in the first few hours, alone. 846 more words

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