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What to Purchase on iTunes?

Many people every year get iTunes gift cards for Christmas, but the issue that comes with it is what to spend it on? I did receive one for Christmas this year, but me being the person I am, the card has already been spent. 398 more words


2015: My Salesforce Year In Review!

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot”- Michael Altshuler

I started this year still fresh from a personal tragedy… 1,158 more words


Anki Drive

Anki is a consumer robotics and artificial intelligence startup. Anki technology programs physical objects to be intelligent and adaptable in the physical world and is designed to solve the problems of positioning, reasoning, and execution in artificial intelligence and robotics. 131 more words


Swift -- Apple's new programming language

Welcome to a revolutionary new programming language called Swift. I say revolutionary because it is the intersection of the performance of a compiled language (such as C) and the productivity of a scripting language (such as Python). 344 more words


Metal is the Apple’s new gaming platform debuted in iOS8. Introduced at WWDC 2014, Metal focuses on providing the bare-metal compute power of the GPU to applications. 104 more words

Apple To Release Redesigned Thinner Macbook Air In 2016

According to a report from Economic Daily News, Apple’s  upcoming Macbook Air is getting a major upgrade in mid 2016. The new Air will have all new design and is getting even thinner. 111 more words