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The Worst Idea I've Ever Had For A Storyline!: War Of Justice - WWE vs WWF

Alright guys. I’m back and I feel that this has to be shared… because it’s so bad!

Before I upload another highlight video blog onto this site (video’s up on YouTube so all systems ago) I have to show you guys what I found on my computer. 895 more words


WWE '13: Five Things To Try

In this operationsports.com feature article, I write about five things to try in the new video game, WWE ’13.

These things include trying the new Attitude Era mode, creating a show in Universe Mode, watching the historical in-game video footage, trying new match modes, and hitting an OMG! 23 more words

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WWE '13: Four Dream Matches

Another article for operationsports.com on WWE ’13. This time, a feature article on four “dream matches” that are made possible by roster additions to the new video game. 50 more words

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WWE '13 Review

A review on the video game WWE ’13 for the Xbox 360. Throughout the article, I go through gameplay, presentation, simulation realism, attitude era mode, online modes, and more. 32 more words

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