Critapocalypse 16 - Critapocalypse XXX: A Podcast Parody

Hey look! It’s Critapocalypse Podcast episode 16. That’s a podcast I do with that Matt from Cinemageddon. This week we reviewed Maggie, Jack & Jill and the cinematic masterpiece which is Avengers XXX 2: Along Came A Spider. 79 more words

Film Dump

Episódio 4 - Extreme Rules e King of the Ring

Encontra-se disponível a nova edição do Tretas, dizem eles!. Nesta edição, o PM e a Salgado fazem uma análise ao Extreme Rules e King of the Ring! 22 more words


5 Stars From Last Night's #RAW

Last night’s Raw emanated from Green Bay and saw the return of the King of the Ring! WWE had four opening round matches last night, and will conclude the tournament with the semifinals and finals tonight on the WWE Network. 1,166 more words

Extremely Crappy Wrestling: Is Extreme Rules A Tired Concept?

Craig Wilson

Sunday night saw the WWE host it’s annual Extreme Rules show, the evening where, in theory at least, the company ditches it’s PG badge and returns to a more extreme style. 728 more words


WWE EXTREME RULES RESULTS: A Vicious Naomi's Chance Gets Stopped Through Possible Bellas Mischief? (April, 26th 2015)

Hello Everybody! Its Time to report on another PPV, and it literally doesnt feel like a minute ago since we were all sitting through WrestleMania but nonetheless, onto the post Mania antics, with a little extreme effect as WWE welcomes us with another Extreme Rules PPV. 1,116 more words

Raw Predictions (Apr.27)

I always consider the night after Extreme Rules to be the real post-Mania hang over, because it’s when most of the feuds have fizzled away, but not tonight. 642 more words

Wwe Roman Reigns

WWE Extreme Rules Reaction

(Warning I spoil stuff)

Extreme rules opened up with Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper. After sometime of weapons brawling the fight spilled backstage till the two of them ended up in a van that sped away. 795 more words