WWE's Commercial For Extreme Rules Is All About Bugs Having Sex. Wait, What?

Even though we’re still ramping up to Payback, WWE is already hyping the next pay-per-view event they actually care about: Extreme Rules. Their marketing department has released this bug-humping head-scratcher of a commercial, prompting everyone to ask uhhh … hey, marketing guys, you okay? 182 more words


Critapocalypse 16 - Critapocalypse XXX: A Podcast Parody

Hey look! It’s Critapocalypse Podcast episode 16. That’s a podcast I do with that Matt from Cinemageddon. This week we reviewed Maggie, Jack & Jill and the cinematic masterpiece which is Avengers XXX 2: Along Came A Spider. 79 more words

Film Dump

Episódio 4 - Extreme Rules e King of the Ring

Encontra-se disponível a nova edição do Tretas, dizem eles!. Nesta edição, o PM e a Salgado fazem uma análise ao Extreme Rules e King of the Ring! 22 more words