Your Monday Post #34: Layla Returns at Extreme Rules vs Nikki Bella (April, 29th 2012)

Hello Everyone! Im Back and Ready to Give You Guys all you need to know Divas Wise from last Nights Survivor Series. In The Light of the Crowning of a New Champion Nikki Bella, this weeks edition of Your Monday Post, which I’ll get through posting first, reflects on just how the Currently Devious Bella lost her first title. 143 more words

REVIEW: WWE Extreme Rules 2014

Hi, everyone! Haven’t written anything for a while, but I’ll get right to it to make up for the lack of posts with a review of this year’s Extreme Rules! 1,394 more words


WWE EXTREME RULES RESULTS: Despite Taking Somewhat of a Beating, the Diva of Tomorrow Is Standing (May, 4th 2014)

Last Nights Extreme Rules was nothing short of a Hellacious Event! And at last, after a cold staredown some days ago, Paige and Tamina finally clashed, with Paige’s Divas Championship on the line! 876 more words

Your Monday Post #5 Michelle McCool vs Layla Loser Leaves WWE Match at Extreme Rules 2011 (May, 1st 2011)

Hey Folks, Welcome to the 5th Edition of Your Monday Post, which of course honors a memorable Divas Moment/Match from the Recently Passed Extreme Rules PPV. 101 more words

Daniel Bryan drove a forklift to the ring, then put Kane through a flaming table

Daniel Bryan put his WWE World Heavyweight title on the line against Kane at Extreme Rules, and things quickly got out of hand. Bryan and Kane took the fight backstage at the Izod Center, where Bryan knocked out the Big Red Machine with a crowbar. 113 more words


WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Extreme Rules 2014 results. Be sure to be back here tomorrow for the full Best and Worst of WWE Extreme Rules 2014 report. 273 more words