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Thoughts for May 26 from Fr Willie Doyle

Dear Sir — One is often struck, on glancing over the papers, at the numerous appeals made to provide ‘comforts for our troops,’ but no one ever seems to think that the souls of those who have fallen in battle may possibly be in need of much greater comfort than the bodies of their comrades who survive.

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Welcome to the memoirs of C.B. Strang, a simple blacksmith and WWI veteran. Book due out fall of 2016.

Check back often for updates. Feel free to contact me for more information.

World War One

The Spanish Flu of 1918- Research Discoveries

I’ve been researching for my story Here Lies a Soldier by reading as much as I reasonably can about the time period. Honestly, too much and I’d be ready to jump off a bridge… One part of the story involves… 758 more words



I try to steer clear of politics because it’s often an area where people’s egos are intimately tied and it’s not worth losing friends over, but sometimes maybe it’s worse to not say anything at all. 484 more words

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Thoughts for May 25 from Fr Willie Doyle

Fr Doyle wrote these words in late May 1917, and they recount some of the events he experienced in the war around this time. Once again, his love for the soldiers, his care for both their spiritual and human needs and his basic good humour shine through. 427 more words


May 25 in San Antonio history...

World War I – 1916
The era of the all-volunteer British Army ends as universal conscription takes effect requiring all eligible British men between the ages of 19 and 40 to report, excluding men working in agriculture, mining or the railroads. 141 more words


Lost Volunteers

The main part of a Red Hand Commando mural was replaced recently with a board commemorating the action and deaths of the British Army’s 36th (Ulster) Division in World War I’s Battle Of The Somme, of which Captain Wilfred Spender wrote, “I am not an Ulsterman but yesterday, the 1st July, as I followed their amazing attack, I felt that I would rather be an Ulsterman than anything else in the world. 193 more words