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MiliTechy: The tanks used in World War II

The tank first arrived in the battle in 1916, it was deployed by the British Army against the Germans in the First World War, since then, every nation has been working hard on building bad-ass tanks. 577 more words


Light Tank Mk IA (A4E6 – A4E10), Vickers Medium Tank (A6E2) and Vickers Independent Tank (A1E1)

source IWM


Photos from "7 Incredible Tank Graveyards"

Truly mesmerizing photos of abandoned and rusting tanks. Thanks to EnvironmentalGraffiti.com, an online magazine, which published the article and photos “7 Incredible Tank Graveyards… 160 more words


WW2 Tanks KV-1 Heavy Tank, M4 Medium Tank Sherman, Tiger I Heavy Tank

WW2 Tanks

What is your favourite WW2 Tank?

This is one of many illustrated classic WW2 military vehicle guides I’ve created for the community. I hope you enjoy it. 666 more words

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Battlefields: Tankies #2 - Review

by Garth Ennis (writer), Carlos Ezquerra (pencils), Hector Ezquerra (inks), Tony Avina (colors), and Simon Bowland (letters)

The Story: Our tankies continue to try to find a company to rendezvous with in the midst of an increasingly poorly organized war effort. 530 more words