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Consolidated-Vultee PBY-5A Catalina

@Madras Municipal Airport, Madras, OR

August 2015

A smoky sunset in Oregon provides the backdrop for this classic flying boat.  This example was delivered to the U.S. 38 more words

Gavin Mortimer, author of “The Longest Night”, focuses in this one book on May 10, 1941, the night of the largest bomb raid on London during World War Two. 309 more words


Valentine's Snapshots - Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle

Every year, without fail, even when he was dying a slow and lingering death, my Dad would trek up to the Scottish National War Memorial in Edinburgh Castle.  23 more words


WWII veteran, kamikaze survivor honors shipmates through Wikipedia articles

George Pendergast survived a kamikaze attack in the Second World War. Today, he edits Wikipedia. Both photos—from 1943 and earlier this year, respectively—are courtesy of George Pendergast. 1,530 more words


Scientists attempt to explore wreck of sunken U-boat off RI

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Scientists are attempting to use submersibles to explore a sunken German U-boat seven miles off the Rhode Island coast.

They’re streaming the attempts online as they work to learn more about how shipwrecks affect the environment, which you can watch live here: 125 more words


"Long Journey Home: A Moment of Japan-Korea Remembrance and Reconciliation" | The Asia-Pacific Journal

Finally some good news in Japanese-Korean relations!

“The most important participants in this journey are not the living, but the dead: the bones of 115 Koreans brought to Japan as labourers during the Asia-Pacific War will be carried along the route, with ceremonies of remembrance along the way, to their final resting place in Korea. 69 more words