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Bridge over the River Kwai

How did I miss this one? I just finished watching the classic The Bridge over the River Kwai starring William Holden and Alec Guinness. I’m blown away. 293 more words

Expat Life

Operation Chariot: The Raid on St. Nazaire

It was almost as if the British went back in time: a year ago German U-boats and surface raiders sank merchant ships faster than they could be replaced and nearly forced the British into submission. 3,106 more words


Call of Duty: WWII Leaked - Opinion

I am extremely excited by this leak. I have been wanting Call of Duty to go back to boots on the ground since Advanced Warfare came out, which I completely skipped. 262 more words


Call of Duty: WWII Leaked

According to a Reddit user by the name of /u/rTwGNaywaoaLh, this year’s Call of Duty is called “WWII” and will take place during, you guessed it, WWII. 126 more words

Call Of Duty

Best by March 28th...but not really 

40% of food that is produced in the United States goes to waste. This statistic is shocking and I think more people need to be aware of the concern for wasting food. 174 more words



Research can be a thread that starts in one place and leads in a labyrinthine wondering, often ending in a completely unintended destination. I was immersed in research for the next book in my Christmastime series (1944), and briefly stepped out of the WWII frame of mind to search out one tiny detail about WWI. 833 more words

The Little French Village that Cared

The picturesque town of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon may look like an idyllic French village, tucked among the hills of the Loire and filled with quiet people wholly committed to the contentment found in daily routine. 1,691 more words

War & Peace