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Nancy Wake: The SF White Mouse of WWII

Ms. Nancy Wake, An Australian born bad ass (sorry for the curse word, there is just no better adjective), was living in Marseille, France when Germany invaded in 1940.   128 more words

Trail Blazers

The Survivors: Mitsubishi J2M Raiden - The Last Japanese Thunderbolt

One of the better fighter designs operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War Two but not built in enough numbers, was the Mitsubishi J2M Raiden… 1,207 more words


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This is some of what our airmen were up against in the Pacific.

Film Review: The Way Ahead

While I generally enjoy films about World War II, I have a particular fondness for motion pictures made about the war while it was still being fought.  1,157 more words



Today in History, March 16: 1916 – German Admiral, and commander of the German Navy Alfred von Tirpitz, submits his resignation to kaiser Wilhelm, who accepts it. 103 more words

Stuck Spectating Rant

So even though I’ve seen many post about other people having the problem I’ve been lucky that it’s never happened to me. Well today of all days after X amount of games of HC kill confirmed I started a game as a spectator. 93 more words


Positive rant.

Shipment is the most fun ive had in ww2. The first day there was only smgs and alot of dodging involved. Now its lmg spawn trap with c4s killing faster than u can shoot. 15 more words