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WWII All Black Women Unit Honored With Monument

A group of trailblazing Black women are finally getting the recognition that they deserve. The women who were a part of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion—the U.S. 327 more words


Hitler and the Grand Mufti: What They Really Said in 1941

I found out about this, from Mz. Tree, from The Tree of Logic.

The conversation didn’t happen the way Benjamin Netanyahu said, but it still sheds light on a historical moment… 51 more words

Gingrich: 14 WWII 'What If's'

On Facebook, Newt Gingrich, a Ph.D. historian, has posted 14 short video lectures on the What Ifs of World War II and the run-up to it. 129 more words


Don't You Know About Simo Häyhä. Learn About The Sniper Called The White Death

Snipers. Loved by their allies. Hated by their foes. Gamers, like in ‘Call of Duty’, call them campers, as they seldom forsake their position and are difficult to hunt. 1,563 more words


Mitsubishi G4M by Joseph Najera

   This is one of the kinds of bombers used by the Japanese. They were called by the American GIs, the “Flying Zippo.” Their fuel tanks were poorly protected and exploded easily, especially when hit. 639 more words


Daytrip to Corregidor Island

My alarm went off at 5:35am but because of some inconsiderately loud alarms going off in the dorm at 5am, I was already awake!

I took a Grab to the Ferry Port at 6am and saw a beautiful dawn. 2,027 more words


Iconic Brisbane: The call of the Hall

I can never resist the opportunity to revisit Brisbane City Hall.

From the rest rooms in Adelaide Street to the magnificent auditorium and up to the rooftop childcare centre (now the Museum of Brisbane) before taking Australia’s oldest manually operated lift to the top of the clock tower, this building is warm and welcoming and full of memories. 249 more words