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Dunkirk: film of the year?

Dunkirk is a film that provides a distinctly British take on the early years of World War Two, yet also an honest one, in a way that connects with the deepest aspect of this country’s psyche. 799 more words


Early #Review: The Last Nazi by Andrew Turpin

I don’t normally lean towards self published books, but following the recommendation from a friend I took up the offer for a free review copy of Andrew Turpin’s debut novel and boy was it ever worth it! 700 more words

Book Review

Uncomfortable Remembrance

Somehow it doesn’t seem right to be a tourist in a place of unspeakable evil. But remembrance is important, so I visited the Dachau ‎concentration camp, the place where the Nazis refined their “final solution” for the Jewish people. 662 more words


Virgil D. Jordan - The Capital Needs of Industry for National Defense (1940)

Condensed from an address by Virgil D. Jordan, president, National Industrial Conference Board, before the annual convention of the Investment Bankers Association in Hollywood, Florida, December 10, 1940. 1,273 more words

Intermission Story (10) - George Watson

During the course of a war gallant actions are not bound by race, nationality, or cause. Wherever men fight, some will distinguish themselves from the others. 732 more words