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Review - Paint and Glue Miniatures SU-76i


Paint and Glue Miniatures produce this rather nice SU-76i in 15mm on request at 40% of the cost of their 28mm example. The lines that plague most 3D designs are not especially noticeable on this print. 265 more words

15mm Miniatures Wargames

Ordnance P-38 Lightning

Perhaps Colonel Ben Kelsey, a P-38 test pilot, summed up the war bird’s legacy best of all. “(That) comfortable old cluck,” he said, “would fly like hell, fight like a wasp upstairs, and land like a butterfly.” 1,017 more words


Email: Populations and Burial Mounds... (3.12.2020)

Marx & Engels in London

Dear Gillian

I am accessing some very good history at the moment. These terrible stories are real but remain hidden due to Cold War disinformation. 423 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

I love WWII history

I find WWII history endlessly fascinating.  The video regarding the Japanese attack on Madagascar is just one small example.


James E. Brodhead (1932-2012) --- childhood recollections

A very brief post today. I just accidentally stumbled on a 2011 issue of Phillips Academy’s online Andover magazine containing some brief but interesting childhood recollections pre-WWII of the late actor James E. 230 more words

Family History

What If The ‘Holocaust’ Revisionists Are Right?

Originally found at http://www.renegadetribune.com/what-if-the-holocaust-revisionists-are-right/

Holocaust or Hoax?

Chapter IV

by Jürgen Graf

What If The Revisionists Are Right?

Let’s just assume that the official “truth” on the Holocaust is a lie, and that the revisionists are right. 2,460 more words

World War 2