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Multitasking the route of disaster?

We multitask because we think we can do everything well at once but the truth is that we can’t. Instead, we are switching from one task to another, diluting our attention, spreading ourselves too thin and teetering between different goals. 403 more words

Sara Bouamra

Why Most People See NO Visible Results from Daily Affirmations – And What YOU Can Do about It!

Affirmations are a very powerful way to change your life and uplift your spirits and your day with more positivity – and I swear by them. 634 more words

Sara Bouamra

How to keep climbing the rocky road

Here is what I finally learned about my particular situation and how that lesson can help you keep moving forward on your personal journey, even when the “excitement” begins to dwindle and the road may seem harder than what you can handle. 621 more words

Sara Bouamra

5 Qualities of Successful People

What does success mean to you?

It’s one of those questions everyone thinks they know the answer to yet mumble and fumble for an answer when you try to really pin them down. 555 more words

Sara Bouamra

Do you have the courage?

We all face different kinds of life challenges, successes, failures, ups and downs and in between. Sometimes we need good qualities that will help us face all of the above. 106 more words

Sara Bouamra

Tempted to try the latest Magic Slimming Pills?

Summer is just around the corner. You know what that means, right?

It means every gym is super packed, every diet book is flying off the shelves, and every supplement company is trying to push their latest “fat loss pill.” 289 more words

Sara Bouamra

How to get toned arms without using weights

Maybe you’re not the gym type. Maybe the repetitive movement of pumping iron just doesn’t appeal to you. But you still deserve great arms, right? No worries! 455 more words

Sara Bouamra