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5 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Co-workers

    Do you have to work with people who are located in another city or country?
    What do you do when you need to work with others on a project but all those people are spread all over the world? 280 more words

How to Publish Pictures on Twitter

    Do you like to share pictures on-line? I do
    Would you like to share a pictures directly on Twitter? I would

Facebook for People Over 50 - Part 1

    Before I even open that book I asked myself a question: is it really necessary to write… 421 more words

Facebook on Your Wrist

    Do you like to share photos and update your Facebook status while on vacation? Do you get impatient when you have to find free Wi-Fi or nearest available computer with… 324 more words

New Way of Shopping?

Do you like shopping? Wait a second, don’t answer that question yet…if you have a chance to shop in a “friendly shop”:

  • without standing in a long line to cashier’s desk…
  • 307 more words

How Can You Control Your Mobile?

I just saw a TV commercial (do you remember TV? I know, something you don’t watch that much).
There is a something called Wirless Leash… 159 more words


New Kind of Volunteers?

    Are you a volunteer?
    Have you ever done some volunteer work?

In your opinion – who the volunteer is?
Lets start from definition of volunteering… 175 more words