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365 Caregiving Tips: Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers


Five caregivers got together and decided to share their collective wisdom with other caregivers. 161 more words

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My Reel Life-II -

The second volume of My Reel Life is available through Lulu Press. 120 films from world cinema are covered in My Reel Life. It is priced at 16 Euro. 12 more words

Benny Thomas

The Illustrated Omar Khayyam- Second edition is out

The second edition of the Illustrated Omar Khayyam is available. No change in the contents nor in the quality. Only that I cut out Amazon.USA whom I found the worst specimens (whom I qualify as literary ghouls). 39 more words

Benny Thomas

Get the e-book of "Tiger Loses His Stripes" free now!

The first book in “The Junglies” series of children’s book is now available for free on http://www.lulu.com. Sign up, search for “Tiger Loses His Stripes” and download it. 31 more words

SciFi Writer Steven Wayne Newell on Current Economic Risks

Reply to a correspondence on the Economic Risk at this time: 4-07-2014: Since the decline of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1935 with new laws in 1999, and following the events of 2008 at Lehman Brothers, my socio-economic policy research is focused on China financials, not those primarily in the US. 276 more words

Warren Bodow's DEELMAYKER Wins Prize in Dallas

Congratulations to Warren Bodow, whose play DEELMAYKER has won third place in the 3rd Annual McKinney Repertory Theatre’s New Play Competition. It will receive a reading tonight at 7:30pm in McKinney, Texas, just outside of Dallas. 239 more words

Anne Hamilton