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Moda Urbana 7.21.09: Fun with scarves

A scarf in the dead of summer is a very bold fashion statement. Kudos to Cynthia the intern who chose to wear her grandmother’s scarf as an accent to an otherwise inappropriate office dress, the tube top dress. 32 more words

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My El Paso Garden Facebook Group

This week a new Facebook group was born: My El Paso Garden. The function of the group is to work as an online food coop, where users list harvest items they are willing to swap and then meet in physical locales to trade food. 88 more words

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Moda Urbana: El Paso's Great Gatsby

It’s that time of year when boys wear light suits, but white suits? Our very ambitious intern, Victoria Molinar, grabbed this photo of City Council Rep. 83 more words

Moda Urbana 6.15.09 Crinoline+Rhinestones

by Jessica Escalante

I spotted these two sisters downtown on Saturday night. I thought they looked like dolls. I love how they kept their tops basic and let the skirts give the WOW factor. 37 more words

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Best of El Paso Winners 2009

For those of you that have been waiting, here is the list for the Best of El Paso Magazine Reader Survey for 2009. Every part of this survey is done online, thanks to surveymonkey.com and the staff at El Paso Media Group. 22 more words

Moda Urbana 6.1.09: Cute Moms

I totally believe that staying cute and stylish after you have children is very difficult, if not darn near impossible. So how excited was I when I stumbled upon this cute mom at a school picnic! 71 more words

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Moda Urbana 5.29.09: Pant Suits

So at a recent funder, I stumbled upon this jewel of a pant suit! Check out that blue and check out that blonde! Ladies, don’t be jealous! 24 more words

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