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Maintaining focus on a panel in wxHaskell

Working in Ubuntu 13.10 and wxHaskell, I created a panel and a button in wxHaskell.  My intent is to draw on the panel and change what is drawn when I press the arrow keys.  386 more words

Compiling and editing wxHaskell

I am attempting to compile wxHaskell on Ubuntu and Windows 7.  So that I may make edits and attempt to extend the interface to the CPP code of wxWidgets. 425 more words

Instalar wxHaskell 0.90 en Windows 7

Recientemente publicaron la versión 0.90 de wxHaskell(2da semana de Abril), la cual trabaja con wxWidgets 2.9.x, anteriormente trabajaba con la versión 2.8. Desde entonces, he estado con cierto interés en probar las nuevas características. 760 more words


wxHaskell News

A great deal has happened in wxHaskell land over the past few weeks, so I thought a summary was worthwhile

wxHaskell 0.90 Released

A significant… 255 more words


wxHaskell and wxWidgets 2.9

Those who follow the wxHaskell developer or users lists will know that over the last few months there has been a flurry of activity on wxHaskell, spurred on by Dave Tapley. 587 more words


wxHaskell: Scaling a Bitmap Image

I ran into this page while trying to figure out how to scale a bitmap image from within wxHaskell. The solution posted by the OP there scales the drawing context (e.g., the canvas) and not the bitmap itself. 190 more words


How does wxHaskell event handling work - part 1

Some Background

As some of you may have noticed, there has been a minor flurry of activity (if that’s not an oxymoron) from me recently. The wxHaskell repo went offline after the attack on code.haskell.org and I decided to look at support for wxWidgets 2.9 as well as 2.8 while I was waiting for the repo to be restored. 1,440 more words