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Once Upon a Time

by Elyse Patten

Once upon a time, on a small island far away, a man named John wanted to be able to read the Bible in the language of his village marketplace. 182 more words

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Wycliffe 101: How Many Languages Are There In The World?

Great question! The short answer is, a lot—probably a lot more than you think. By our count there are about 7,000 unique languages in use throughout the world. 448 more words

Bible Translation

Photojournalism at its best

I work in communication, yes, but I can’t do everything comm people do. I just write. One thing I wish I could do better is photojournalism. 237 more words


Traducătorii Bibliei estimează că vor ajunge la toate popoarele până în 2025 - Wycliffe Bible Translators estimate they will finish translating the Bible in all languages by 2025

  • Africa –
  1. Totalul limbilor straine/Number of languages =  2,108
  2. Limbi fara transl. Bibliei/Lang. needing translation = 805
  • Americas –
  1. Totalul limbilor straine/Number of languages  = 943…
  2. 453 more words

Bible Translations To Be Reviewed by Panel of Experts


The World Evangelical Alliance has announced the names of a team of experts who will gather in Canada later this year to discuss and produce a report on new biblical translations implemented by Wycliffe Global alliance and SIL – formerly known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics. 64 more words

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