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Moose camping in Wyoming

I think having my bus in town was making Mavid really miss his! So we drove to Evergreen in his truck, picked up his bus and headed back to Fort Collins. 838 more words


Lone Star Geyser ~ Yellowstone National Park

Lone Star Geyser is in Yellowstone National Park. It erupts fairly frequently but requires walking to, so it doesn’t get visited as often as some. I was with my friend Norm on this day, who was a park ranger in Yellowstone at the time. 85 more words

Lakes, Rivers & Waterfalls

Miners Delight Ghost Town

South Pass is in Wyoming and there is a Ghost Town that is in an out of the way picturesque setting. As you walk around and try to imagine what it would have been like to live there so long ago. 26 more words

Ghost Town

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead Signs 'AG Gag' Law Criminalizing Documenting of Farming Abuses

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead has signed into law legislation designed to crack down on whistleblowers and journalists, or “trespassers,” who attempt to document without permission food safety or animal welfare violations on private property. 497 more words


The Empty Chair


Walking in,

my best friend at my side.

Looking at all the faces




Then that empty chair.


One year to be exact. 163 more words


Sabbatical over.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. I’m sorry for the hiatus. It was super uncool of me to leave you like that. But sometimes, you need a break. 441 more words


Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone

As Yellowstone’s largest hot spring (370 feet across), the Grand Prismatic Spring caught my attention with its diverse textures, colors, and—I must admit—the smell. You can walk right over the spring, thanks to raised boardwalks that get you as close as you can get. 148 more words

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