The 100 Club

Good Morning world and welcome to the weekend.

So what about that headline eh? Any idea’s what it might mean?

Well, let me tell you, today it is officially 100 daily posts since completing the build of this blog back at the beginning of the year. 1,036 more words

Weight Loss


Isn’t it weird how people perceive you? I’ve always thought I should probably add some text to the bit that appears at the bottom of each blog post where you’re supposed to tell people a bit about yourself, but it’s so blimin’ difficult.   575 more words

Pog Life

Expanding a Site's Capabilities with Modules

The next stage of development in Drupal 7 Essential Training is Expanding a Site’s Capabilities with Modules. This area covers Installing and uninstalling modules, Configuring modules, Surveying popular modules and Enabling styled text with a WYSIWYG editor.


How to force paste from word in CKEditor 4

This post deals with forcing CKEditor 4 into pasting from word on every CTRL+V directly in the editor’s textarea.

For this fix to work, one has to get a bit into CKEditor’s code and modify the pastefromword plugin. 303 more words


Facebook Messenger adds iOS 8 extension, Wordpress gains WYSIWYG editor & image features

Facebook is out with a useful update to its Messenger app for iPhone and iPad today adding an action extension for sharing content from other apps on iOS 8. 187 more words


Having a life while running a kickstarter?

I find myself unable to focus on anything but my project running on kickstarter. I have so many other responsibilities in my life at the moment, I am working on two critical projects at work, while trying to not let my sales activity backslide. 501 more words

The Game Crafter

Simple WYSIWYG Rich Content Editor with no dependencies (WYSIWYG.JS)

Simple WYSIWYG Rich Content Editor with no dependencies (WYSIWYG.JS)

WYSIWYG.js is a (minified) 12k contenteditable-editor with no dependencies.

It does only:
* Transforms any HTML-element into contenteditable… 252 more words

Utilities & Plug-ins