Adobe Dreamweaver

What is it?

Adobe Dreamweaver is a very popular web development tool from Adobe. It is a what you see is what you get software program. 309 more words


What's a WYSIWYG?

We know! Do you?

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We’ll be uploading our work on WYSIWYGs soon so keep a look out!

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A dog's dinner of design?

The launch of PageCloud at Disrupt NY in May 2015 saw an evolution of a WYSIWYG platform for webpage creation reach new peaks.

Have a go….it’s great: 307 more words


Cover story - part one

Everything about humans seems to lie along a continuum at both ends of which lies absurdity.

In politics it’s far right and far left.

In education: those with at least one (genuine, non-cornflakes-coupon/non-biblical-college) doctorate at one extreme and those with no formal education at the other. 2,064 more words



Looking at the title of this post, you might be wondering if my hand got bumped by my dog or if I developed a nervous twitch.   351 more words


Tables are for tabular data!

Something I come across every so often, when I pick up an old project at work or help someone with their html styling troubles, is tables. 483 more words


Maybe Steve Jobs Would Have Liked the iPad Pro With Pencil

A version of this essay was originally published at Tech.pinions, a website dedicated to informed opinions, insight and perspective on the tech industry. (Insider Exclusives registration required for this one.) 1,204 more words