Ultra Marines Tactical Squads

I have¬†finished the highlighting stage for my Ultramarines. I first tried highlighting the Sergeant and Veteran’s helmets. I like the way they turned out but the technique I used would make batch painting very difficult. 262 more words


I Found a Workaround

As most computer users know, Apple does not support Flash Player. If you really need to know why, check it out for yourself.

As a graphics designer, this has been a problem for me in designing website, since they have to have full functionality in the Apple world as well as on PCs. 200 more words

Self Taught

Love Talk: The Importance Of Receiving Kind Words [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

This edition of Love Talk has to do with receiving kind words well. Often, when we are given compliments and kind, positive words, our instinct is to somehow reject it, however politely. 193 more words

Get Up!

HTML Editor Research

So when I decided to make this website from scratch I had to search for HTML editors that I could use to create and amend my website. 1,025 more words

Wix: A WYSIWYG Website Builder For Designers

Why A WYSIWYG Website Builder Is a Good Option Not all designers are coders and not all coders are designers. Don t let your lack of tech knowledge keep you from having your own website. 158 more words


For me, a really satisfying part of modelling is what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). Something that has always bothered me a little bit about the Space Marine models is the lack of webbing. 397 more words


The Sauroters

Having gotten back into the hobby in the last year or so, after a break of twenty years, I have decided to try and produce something a bit more ambitious. 278 more words