Wix: A WYSIWYG Website Builder For Designers

Why A WYSIWYG Website Builder Is a Good Option Not all designers are coders and not all coders are designers. Don t let your lack of tech knowledge keep you from having your own website. 158 more words

Kopis (short sword)

For me, a really satisfying part of modelling is what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). Something that has always bothered me a little bit about the Space Marine models is the lack of webbing. 397 more words


Using MS Word to Make a Webpage is a Road to Hell

Warning: techie post, ignore if you don’t care.

Guys, let’s talk. You want a webpage? Great. Don’t use MS Word to do that. Unless you want your webpage to explode, or limit yourself to one browser’s compatibility (cough, IE), or use your disk space inefficiently. 1,286 more words



I am using WYSIWYG (pronounced as vis-e-wig) an acronym stands for What You See Is What You Get) to stress the importance of dressing like a professional. 102 more words


Feb 27 Photo

One of the camera apps I really like is Provoke. Provoke was created in collaboration with Glyn Evans, one of the founders of iPhoneography. It was meant to evoke the black and white Japanese photographers of the 1960s. 105 more words


Adding WYSIWYG / Rich Text Editor to Rails App

I wanted to allow my users to format text input into a text area, so I decided to use CKEditor. ┬áLuckily, there’s a great gem… 689 more words


HTML WYSIWYG Update - Word Procesing

I have always believed HTML is underutilized as a purveyor of documents. It is dcross platform, the files are small and with ingenuity, effects can be created that can not be duplicated with word processors. 162 more words