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This Is as Close as Hasbro Can Come to DEADPOOL 2 Movie Figures (Toy Review) | Nerdist

These are some nice looking toys generally speaking, from the Deadpool universe. As someone who worked at a toy store in the 90’s and had access to the original run of some of these characters toys, I’m happy to see they are still being made. 30 more words


Edge of Venomverse #1: X-23


How it all began…

We begin the first story of the EOV series written by Matthew Rosenberg following Laura (X-23) as she attempts to escape the facility which initially created her for the fifth time. 633 more words


Did...Did Tom Taylor Just Marry Himself to Gabby?

Tom Taylor is the writer of All-New Wolverine and X-Men Red, and I’m a really big fan. His biggest contribution so far to the world of the X-Men is the creation of Gabby, the joyful and adorable clone sidekick of X-23. 163 more words


X-Men Red #1 Comic Book Review

I thought I had bought this comic book 20 times on accident because the complete cover is advertised on the back of every single Marvel Comic Book so far from 2018. 1,385 more words

Comic Book

Opinion: Marvel Relaunch Leaves "X-23's" Future Uncertain

This spring, Marvel is “relaunching” their comics line, a common practice. The lineup of writers and artists and their assignments may change. New series will be started. 2,709 more words