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'Logan' debuts the final trailer

The final trailer for the final film starring Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier has hit the web and while the Johnny Cash song in the original trailer set a somber tone for the movie, this trailer ditches the Johnny Cash theme for what is presumed to be the score of the movie. 71 more words


Latest Logan Trailer

The latest trailer for ‘Logan’ shows off his prodigy X-23 in action…

The newest and final Wolverine sequel titled ‘Logan’ will see Hugh Jackman star as the famed X-Men character for the last time and the film is already one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. 184 more words


New Trailer For Logan Is Kickass

I won’t spend 1000 words writing an ode to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. I won’t spend 1000 words writing an ode to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. 69 more words


Cool kid alert: Is X-23 the next Eleven?

The new (R-rated) Logan trailer just came out and already, we want to be THAT kid. First there was Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones… 249 more words

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'Logan' is Back With a Second Bad Ass Trailer

I’m not the biggest fan of Fox’s X-Men franchise, but the first trailer for Logan blew me away. The second trailer is now different. 152 more words


Logan: The 2nd Trailer

Fox recently released the 2nd trailer for James Mangold’s Logan, and we finally get more an idea of what one of my favorite Marvel characters has to offer, with a little bloodshed. 122 more words


New Logan Trailer gives more Brutality

When the world was introduced to the first trailer for the finale in the Wolverine trilogy many eyes were opened, interest peaked and the world was ready to see how edgy this closing chapter was going to be. 68 more words