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It’s the redemption of all UAVs. Proof that unmanned systems can replace piloted flight for good. The harbinger of a coming age.

The X-47B.

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United States Of America

U.S. Navy's X-47B unmanned aircraft to begin automated in-flight refueling tests as early as next year

According to officials from the U.S. Navy and Northrop Grumman,the  carrier-based X-47B unmanned aircraft is undergoing preparations to begin automated aerial refueling testing next year. 111 more words

Military Aviation

Defense Bill Restricts U.S. Navy UCLASS Funds

The 2015 compromise defense bill places, released on Wednesday, imposes restrictions on funding for the Navy’s planned production carrier-launched unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over concerns the platform would lack sufficient stealth, survivability and weapons payload. 247 more words

Military Aviation

Navy drone plays well with manned aircraft, caps it with a carrier landing

Crews were able to get the X-47B out of the way quickly after touchdown, letting the manned Super Hornet land shortly afterwards. At Engadget

The Mechanical World

Northrop Grumman sizes up UK UCAV requirements

Northrop Grumman is pitching the unmanned combat air vehicle technology derived from its US Navy-sponsored X-47B demonstrator to the UK, to feed into its Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme. 173 more words

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