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'Supernatural' actor Steven Williams loves his job

According to actor Steven Williams, coming to work as an actor is like going to Disneyland every day. This Memphis, TN born actor is best known for his roles as Captain Fuller in the TV series ‘21 Jump Street’, Mr X in ‘The X-Files’, ‘The Blues Brothers’ and of course as Rufus Turner in ‘ 965 more words

Epeolatry Sunday: Syzygy, the X-Files, and a dash of righteous feminsim

Well, it’s a day late, but still Epeolatry Sunday is in its third week running – it’s a honest-to-God miracle!

Syzygy: (n) either 1) an alignment or opposition, particularily of the moon to the sun, or 2) two connected or corresponding things (not necessarily astral). 380 more words


Alien rant 

​There is shield that prevents them but that is changing. Some UFO obviously make it to the atmosphere. But timing is very different for them like in space. 122 more words

Day 141 - I want to believe

My sketch today was done watching an old series of X-files on a lazy Sunday afternoon -that’s my toes. I did this in the usual water-soluble ink, watercolour and watercolour pencils. 14 more words


37. The Pyramid

M was standing barefoot in the tall grass in front of the Shed, behind the red house, looking at the pale blue sky. The little radio was next to him, playing some classical hits like Schubert’s Ave Maria and Mozart’s Requiem, but the volume wasn’t high enough to bury the sounds the cicadas were making. 536 more words


Midnight Special (2016)

2016.61: Midnight Special (Amazon VOD)

Like Super 8 a few years back, Midnight Special displays its inspirations clearly- it’s very much kin to Steven Spielberg’s seminal… 430 more words

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36. Arapentel's Cut

Dr Arapentel was looking at multiple holograms of the anatomy of a shining. She was still wondering where to make the cut to keep the most of it without making it too difficult to reattach on another body. 507 more words