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I'm On The Phone With Singapore

is now my standing excuse for all night time engagements I would just assume not.

We got off early but damn it, I’m still on the phone with Singapore as far as you all are concerned. 246 more words

Toulouse Street

Tilt/Shift "I Want To Believe" Collection X-Files Unboxing

image from http://www.tiltshiftcosmetics.com/

I am a huge fan of X-Files ~ HUGE, I say.  I have been waiting for someone to create a collection devoted to X-Files and… 1,951 more words

All About Beauty & Health

Millennium - Weeds (Review)

This February and March, we’re taking a trip back in time to review the fourth season of The X-Files and the first season of Millennium… 2,727 more words


"E.B.E." - X-Files s1e17

UFO shot down
Wreckage shipped back to US
In an unmarked truck

Welcome, Lone Gunmen!
Scully and Mulder are bugged
Deep Throat has answers?

A daring break in… 30 more words


"Young at Heart" - X-Files s1e16

A jewellery heist
Someone Mulder put away
But who died in jail

A mad scientist
Working with progeria
Can reverse ageing

Dude goes for Scully… 61 more words


Jumbled Thoughts

I’ve been thinking quite a bit these last few weeks, but as my thoughts hurry from one to another, I’ve not got much to say on any… 956 more words