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Midnight Special review

By David Dent

A film which is both captivating and frustrating, Midnight Special is like an extended and bigger budgeted X Files episode, which revolves around a young boy with special powers who is being protected and hidden by his family from the ‘authorities’, who want to exploit his talents for their own ends. 223 more words

Unfair X-files

As everybody probably knows by now – the new X-files show is out – which for this Mulder and Scully fan was very exciting.

What was not so exciting to learn though, is about the pay dispute Gillian Anderson had to go through in order to receive equal pay to David Duchovny. 491 more words

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EpicStream 5-16-16… Fox Confirms New Season of The X-Files

Posted on 2016/05/17 by kauilapele

Looks like more public disclosure is coming. Let us raise the consciousness to a level where it is complete disclosure (instead of the partial, ET-free, exposure in the first season). 101 more words

Hugo Award vs Jalapeno Fiction Award: A Call For Guest Posts

Thousands of science fiction fanciers anticipate August 20, 2016 more than Christmas and Birthday altogether. This is the date when the Hugo Awards will be selected from the shortlisted candidates. 700 more words

Diverse #19

– iniţial aşteptat pe 12 ianuarie 2018, Blade Runner 2 va fi lansat mai devreme, în octombrie 2017.

– următorul film Transformers se va numi… 34 more words