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My Happy List

When is the last time you made a running list of things that make you happy? Not a list of things you want to do, no bucket list, no goals, no challenges, but a list of things that makes you smile? 179 more words


David, Deck of Cards & Confusion

May 22, 2020


I don’t remember much of this dream. All I remember is walking past the actor David Duchovny from one of my favorite shows, “The X-Files” I remember thinking isn’t that David Duchovny and looked again to make sure. 323 more words


A Pointless Review of The X-Files Season 1 Episode 2 - Deep Throat

Pointless Review

The Pilot introduced the world to The X-Files and did a great job of nailing the show’s identity right away.  For that I am eternally grateful; enough that I have written four (!) separate reviews of that episode on this blog.  1,603 more words


First Thoughts - Critters, Encounters, and Rice!

Things have been a bit light in the gaming department recently, but over the last two months I have managed to get a few new games to the table. 2,830 more words


X marks the binge-worthy

On social media, people have been sharing how they are coping the changes in our daily lives brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us have been playing board games with the spouse and kids. 359 more words

Vickie Fee

COVID: X-Files Moment



1998 –flash to the first X-Files movie ‘Fight the Future’: The character Kurzweill is disclosing ‘the secret’ to Agent Mulder in a dark alley… 396 more words

Psychological War

Small Potatoes

My life has shrunk a lot in recent weeks. Like everyone else, my days revolve around home and the 2km radius around it. I miss leaving the house to go to work. 157 more words