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X-Files Wraps Up Filming As Twin Peaks Preps Production

As one ‘90s revival TV show wraps production, another ‘90 revival TV show begins production. Over in Vancouver, season 10 of The X-Files is about to finish up production, while Twin Peaks is heading back to Washington state for its own long overdue revival on Showtime. 152 more words

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"The Walk" - Season 3 Ep. 7

Mulder: Sometimes the only sane response to an insane world is insanity.
Written by: John Shiban
Directed by: Rob Bowman
Original Air Date: November 10th, 1995…
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"2Shy" - Season 3 Ep. 6

Mulder: This killer secretes a digestive substance which renders the victims fat…

Scully: ….which he ingests before the rest of the body dissolves entirely.

Mulder: There are examples of this in nature, aren’t there?

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"The List" - Season 3 Ep. 5

Mulder: Yeah, but imagine if it were true, Scully. Imagine if you could come back and take out five people who had caused you to suffer.

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New Statue Discovery Evokes Memories of X Files Parody Chapters 1 and 2

We’ve tried to recreate the travel experience for our fantasy rambles by mostly Google Maps and Wikipedia, so please treat the recent quiet period on the blog as a hiatus, as happens… 132 more words


Coming soon...The X-Files FAQ!

Coming soon from Applause Books is The X-Files FAQ! Writer Chris Carter, known for his work on The X-Files and The X-Files‍ ’​ cinematic spin-offs, helps contribute to this book by writing the foreword. 667 more words

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-Essential Episode- "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" - Season 3 Ep. 4

Scully: There’s something you haven’t explained. Can you see your own end?

Clyde Bruckman: I see our end. We end up in bed together. I’m sorry.

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