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Countdown to The X-Files Miniseries!

I clearly fell off the wagon of my original intent of this blog — the short version is we bought a house and life got  258 more words

Friday Night Likes #22

This week was a good one! I visited Sarah in Dallas, saw Inside Out, and started a new, surprising gym routine. On the flip side, yesterday the bank called because our credit card has been compromised. 150 more words

Friday Night Likes

Non-Review Review: The X-Files - Fight the Future

The X-Files: Fight the Future is often described as the mythology episode that somehow got released into theatres. In her review, Joyce Millman teased that… 4,774 more words

Non-Review Reviews

Conversations With the Dead : Gladys the Old Lady And Her Mercy Killings

I’m back here in my old farm house with my son and I’ve been painting all day and cutting wood with my chainsaw, as Toa has been dismantling our old chicken house and digging the ground to put in a new fox proof chicken fence. 1,785 more words

After Death Communication

...keep looking up

Happy World UFO Day! Today marks 68 years since the sighting in Roswell, New Mexico, and the birth of the conspiracy theory. 157 more words


Does the X in 'The X-Files' stand for eXhausted and BotoX?

Entertainment Weekly just shared a clandestine peek at the production of the upcoming “The X-Files” limited-series reboot and it’s got some great info (hey — we knew the truth was out there). 169 more words

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