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Comic Reviews: Hunt for Wolverine and X-Files: Case Files


Hunt for Wolverine #1 (Marvel Comics)

Like all dead Marvel characters, it’s time for the original Wolverine to make his grand return to the comic racks. 907 more words

Marvel Comics

X-Files, Fin

I finally finished watching the new season of X-Files. I’ve written a couple of blogs about the X-Files because I am madly devoted to the show. 1,262 more words


The X-Files: Maybe It Should Have Ended With Season Seven

One of  longest running science fiction/drama series in existence, The X-Files has definitely stood the test of time.  The show, premiering in 1993, follows the adventures of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they investigate paranormal phenomena across the country (and occasionally even outside of it).  562 more words


Episode names in The X-Files

For those who don’t know, I’m a massive fan of The X-Files (the original series more so than the recent revival).

I’ve always found the names of the episodes interesting. 923 more words

When Great Scenes Happen to Bad Movies: FIRE IN THE SKY

This didn’t get much play or acclaim when it came out in 1993. Written by a writer of Star Trek the Next Rest Stop and Saturday Night Live episodes, directed by a future genre TV director, it stars Robert Patrick aka the Cop Terminator/guy who actually did a good job replacing Duchovney on X-Files, and D.B. 115 more words

Whispers Of The Dead: ESP in the FBI

There’s a serial killer at work, whose weird signature involves severed feet, delivered in iceboxes to defence lawyers. It’s a job for one of the FBI’s special units – a very special unit, one which comes with an extra-sensory twist. 595 more words

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‘X-Files’ Creator: ‘I Thought The FBI Was Going To Shut Me Down’

Alien conspiracies, monsters, cryptids, mutants, paranormal phenomena — just a typical day for the fictional FBI agents of “The X-Files.”

But how close to fiction was it? 168 more words