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Talitha Bihun has been spelling her name for the past forty years. Her name, Talitha, meaning “little girl” or “damsel” in Hebrew, is from a passage in the Bible (Mark 5:41) in which Jesus revives the daughter of a king. 1,059 more words


KING//HER in the midst of the forest brings X-Files Episode 11

KING//HER brings us X-Files Episode 11 on Mixcloud and Audiomack (free download). The follow up interview with the female of KING Techno/TechHouse & Trap!


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Whatever device, there’s a Nevadaland for you!

A whole world for only $2.99.





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Why Netflix! WHY!

Sorry for missing out last week. I took a little break because I received some good news. I got my acceptance letter into Graduate School! I’ve been on edge for two months! 215 more words

X-Files Episode 10 by KING//HER

KING//HER presents Episode 10 of the X-Files which is available on Mixcloud (streaming) and on Audiomack (streaming and free download).

Do be on the lookout for that KING//HER follow up interview coming very soon! #KingHerSlayed


A preview of Alternative Beginnings

Here’s a quick peek at my novelette, Alternative Beginnings, the prequel to the Alternative Series. This is a rare glimpse into Agent Wexler’s side of the story. 742 more words

TTMT #413 - I Want To Believe

In this video:

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