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Mulder and Scully Learn About Airplanes - Retroactive Review of The X-Files Season 1 Episode 2 (Deep Throat)


An Air Force pilot with really bad skin mysteriously disappears, most likely due to his colleagues’ unreasonable hygienic standards.  Sympathizing with those with skin conditions, Mulder close-talks Scully into submitting to his plan of heading to Idaho. 1,177 more words


Episode 14, Part 9

Welcome to Episode 14, Part 9!

– Did Mulder release the spirit of Alexa?
– Will Scratcher get more food?
– How will Mulder react to being called a bad kitty? 9 more words

Black Lace

I was riding my scarlet horse towards the skies of glory
when an arrow was shut from nowhere,
nowhere that has colour.
My horse died. And the golden skies turned… 19 more words


April, 1939: Hitler and UFOs!

Yes, you read that title correctly.  And I am so excited for this passage for two reasons:

  1.  I hate talking about Hitler, especially in today’s climate (I THOUGHT MAYBE WE WERE MOSTLY PAST THIS!)  but I love when history explodes out of the pages of these 80 year old books. 
  2. 442 more words

KING//HER brings us the X-Files Episode 28

KING//HER who was recently inducted in to the ranks of CapitalK FM radio station, has released Episode 28 of the X-Files on Mixcloud and… 23 more words


The day President Carter saw an UFO.

I have to be honest the title is not 100% correct because Jimmy Carter was not President yet , it happened a few years before he took office. 280 more words



The truth is out there, I want to believe; these catchphrases were made famous by the 1990’s Tv series The X Files which brought to the screen mysteries of the paranormal. 245 more words