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X - Files by Sapphira Official

Discord “We Produce Music” cover your favorite TV show theme song challenge!!


X - Files by Sapphira Official

Discord “We Produce Music” theme song challenge!!


The N-word

I guess this is me fully embracing, or at least getting comfortable with, the “nerd” tag. How else can you describe someone who’s into superhero comics, films, books and whatnot, who then suddenly decides to come up with a blog and call it — corny as it sounds — “Parallel Realms”? 271 more words


Geekin' Out: What I Love and Why

I saw this meme earlier today and thought it described me to a ‘T.’ I have always been a geek. I wouldn’t have originally described myself as such, but other people have and it stuck. 1,666 more words


Why I cut my hair and coloured it dark

Yes, I have to admit it! I’m not a natural dark haired girl. I’m a natural blonde. Shocking, isn’t it? Light blonde as a kid, darker as I grew older. 471 more words

Bob's workplace dilemma...

Bob has a problem with a coworker. Tomorrow, he strongly suspects, said coworker might just start some serious poo at that, might even try to get Bob fired, or worse. 678 more words

Ranking The Episodes of The X-Files Season 2 - #1-5

Here we are with my five favorite episodes of Season 2.  It’s classics like these which remind me of just how good this show could get.  2,294 more words

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