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NZ mass surveilance operational PM lied

Just a week from election in New Zealand It has been revealed that mass electronic surveillance has been occurring despite government denials.

While in Australian the debate has been about meta data, in New Zealand complete content has been spied on. 37 more words


Torrorists on twitter

Torrorist – Somebody who uses and or actively contributes to The Onion Router Network and is therefore considered an extremist by the NSA.

Since the NSA thinks that… 116 more words


Assessing Mass Surveillance: Is it More of a Threat than a Security?

Feel like someone is looking over your shoulder?  No need to worry, that is just the National Security Agency’s X-Keyscore program, monitoring your Internet activity for your protection. 1,073 more words

How come nobody is questioning the X-Keyscore map?

Many of the locations situated on the NSA’s poorly drawn map, of X-Keyscore’s 150 sites and 700 servers, can be classed as legitimate NSA facilities, in the sense they have been given a mandate to carry out cyber spying by those state’s closely aligned to US power. 428 more words

International Relations

X-Keyscore, again

I am probably a little slow on the uptake, but this is the first confirmation I have read that the “X-Keyscore” system, as used by the NSA, is in fact used here as well by the GCSB. 320 more words

Smash The GCSB Bill

NSA’s X-Keyscore Can Find Exploitable Computers

Courtesy Sean Gallagher,  ArsTechnica

The National Security Agency’s broad Internet monitoring program can do a whole lot more than provide a look inside a person’s Internet life. 379 more words



There is something disorientation about imagining a network designed to vacuum up information from the highways and byways that is been routed in 150 states, spying on pipelines in  at some 700 servers located into a “ 1,100 more words