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X marks the spot

  • What are you doing with the pin Bernie?
  • Apart from stickin’ it in your arse ye mean?
  • Why? What did I do?
  • I just got off the phone from Ger…
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Seriously I hate the letter X. Most of the words that begin with X I can’t even pronounce let alone comprehend the meaning. Today my mood could be symbolized as an X because someone wasn’t doing their job so now I have to spend my morning getting it corrected so I’m cheating on today’s post and revisiting last year. 155 more words


X Marks The Spot

I like to think that the sky this morning was a “Love Note” from God.

God sending His message, His tiny reminder that “X” marks the spot, Look Up, I am Here! 136 more words


X Marks the Spot

January 21st, 2014 6:26 a.m.
Cancer Diaries: Day 251
X Marks the Spot

How appropriate is the silly children’s song?

X marks the spot
(trace an x upon on my skin) 347 more words


New Fiction: The Hobbyist

As a follow-up to the release of our first Mandatory Upgrade themed video game “X Marks the Spot“, this week I’m posting the short story that was the inspiration for the game. 235 more words


Book review: X Marks the Spot, by Erin Soderberg

Soderberg, Erin. X Marks the Spot. (Puppy Pirates series, #2) Random House, 2015. $4.99. ISBN 978-0-553-51170-3. 88 pages.  Ages 5-9. P8Q7

This is book 2 in an early chapter book series. 102 more words

Book Reviews

Cyberpunk Thriller “X Marks the Spot” First Premium Release for Story Worlds Platform

Premium game available on innovative new platform that brings story based games to the casual gamer.

March 9, 2016 – Victoria, BC, Canada – Ironic Iconic Studios’ first game, “Mandatory Upgrade – X Marks the Spot” is an exciting new story-based game that allows the player to assume the role of a government agent investigating a death by a suit of cybernetic armour run amok. 319 more words

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