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Rising aging population and increasing need for diagnostic imaging procedures are the key factors propelling the growth of Digital X-ray Systems market.

The global Digital X- ray Systems market is dominated by computer radiography x-ray systems by technology because of the fact that they are relatively less expensive than digital radiography x-ray systems and entail less re-training of medical practitioners. 533 more words


Platypus x-rays show shadows of its "reptilian" ancestry

Platypuses belong to an ancient group of mammals, the monotremes. Today, these are the only living mammalian species to lay eggs, and the group also includes echidnas. 203 more words

Anatomy Snippet

The X in the Ray.

Some Time Ago, I found that my Right Arm started getting sore.

I visited the Chemist and got some Medication.

The combination of Voltaren (SA only I think) and a Muscle Relaxant didn’t really work for me. 686 more words


I broke my elbow!

Well, I wasn’t any better this morning so my mum and I went to the veterinary surgery and the outcome is that I broke my elbow!  154 more words


X, x-ray....vision


X-ray vision.

It would be nice to see people for who they truly are before it is too late and you have been hurt by their false-face, pretense and hubris. 25 more words

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A - Z Challenge - X is for X-Ray

A – Z Challenge – X is for X-Ray

These are the X-Rays of my wife’s wrist. She broke it in Costa Rica because of the irresponsible actions of the tour company Go South Adventure Tours. 32 more words

A To Z Challenge


X is for X-ray which Child No 3 had to have a few of last year when she fractured her wrist. We ended up at Perth’s children’s hospital during what seemed to be rush hour for sporting injuries on a Saturday afternoon (I wrote a previous post about it… 213 more words