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World Radiography Day 2017 .Mizo Article.

X-ray tih a ngaih thu kan doctorten min hrilh hnuah a then chu hlau leh khur chungin, rilru nuamlo em emin, zam tak chunga X-ray lak angai thin. 707 more words

World Radiography 2017 Excerpt

Damdawiin kan kala File lian pui kawm eng ngei mai kha miin an ken kan hmuh chuan kan rilruah, “A serious ve hle ani maw a damlo awmpui chu” emaw, “A damlo serious deuh ani maw” tih alo lang nghal vat zel(A eng kan tih chhan kher chu Civil lama an film cover hi a eng vek ania). 354 more words

X-ray time

Our local hospital, Glengarry Memorial Hospital, is raising funds for a new digital x-ray machine. Each year the good people who fund raise for this institution, hold a Jubilee Dinner and for the past few years, have added a cake auction. 66 more words

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