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"Do you play any instruments? "

This time many many years ago when my youngest daughter was about three I tripped over and broke my hand around this time of year. … 179 more words


My body ghost

Whatever is afflicting my body right now must have magic powers.

It’s powers include evading detection on fancy western medicine diagnostic tools – like MRIs, X-Rays and blood tests – all of which came back as “normal”. 1,328 more words

Eye caramba!

When last we blogged, I revealed my beautiful new black eye. On the second day, there was a significant change. As I noted in my linked post, if you are a sensitive person, you are reading the wrong blog and should not click Continue Reading. 94 more words


What is an SI joint?

Although most people think of back pain as coming from the spine, there are several other sources of this pain.  The sacroiliac joint, or more commonly referred to as the SI joint, is the joint between the sacrum, or end of the tailbone, and the ilium, which make up the pelvis.  438 more words