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Passing The CIR Airs Exam

In a previous post, I addressed if I thought the Airs certification was worth the effort or the cost. If you haven’t had the opportunity to skim it check it out… 667 more words

Is the Airs certifcation worth it? One sourcers answer

The short answer is it depends on you.  Ok, I lied this is a long answer. There are a lot of self-taught Sourcers who can out source card carrying Airs members underneath the table.   560 more words

Galactic Collisions Meet Supermassive Black Holes in This Deep Space Image

Observations from some of the world’s most powerful telescopes—NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) in India, the National Science Foundation’s Karl G. 133 more words


MRI Scan in Hyderabad

MRI Scan is a medical test which uses an advanced MRI machine to create images of our body parts that are being checked. MRI Scan can be done for brain, knee and many other body parts. 95 more words

New clues to an old mystery?

MXB 1730-335, also known as “the rapid burster” is a neutron star that is located in the Galactic globular cluster Liller 1 and is infamous for displaying a peculiar phenomena called type-II X-ray bursts. 356 more words


Daily Dose of Immortality

I trace the ghostly scoliotic curve. The line deviates suggestively from the strictly vertical. I study the dim arcs of ribs that frame her spine, the cunningly articulated vertebrae. 48 more words

A Mud Doctor and Her X-Rays

I joke a lot about training to be a mud doctor because I study muddy sediment in my PhD research. But that comparison isn’t just a play on words. 723 more words