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#A to Z Challenge--X


This could be the most challenging of the #AtoZChallenge. I wanted to go with the easy, xylophone, or x-ray, but couldn’t think of enough to fill a sentence much less a small blog post. 449 more words


Xs #AToZChallenge

What’s X??
All Xs
Are Past.
Exs as in
Bad memories
Ex boyfriend.

She got
Rid of
Her Xs

She moved
Leaving her
All Xs

English Poems

WR John Ross challenges Usain Bolt to a 40-yard dash


John Ross, the newest Cincinnati Bengal, is already making a bold challenge fresh off his selection at No. 9. The receiver is showing that he is confident in his speed, the ability that has created a buzz leading into the NFL Draft. 174 more words

Cincinnati Bengals

X-Ray #AtoZChallenge

Words etched into my bones, keeping me glued together, fracture when they become cruel and targeted.

Blood like ink, scrubbing them out and starting over again, the creative hub constantly beating and pushing the ideas everywhere they need to be. 95 more words


x phyles

xanthous egg yolks run
xylophones shine in the sun
“x” words are far flung

 X is for xylophone.

#AtoZChallenge: 26 posts in April, topics to proceed alphabetically. 28 more words


X's tempers

If X used to throw 6 full blown tantrums a day, it had reduced to 4. It was an improvement but it really could be better. 115 more words