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Kapoor & Sons - *

Daily soap melodrama Bollywood-style!

It sounded like something that was worth watching: an Indian dramedy about a dysfunctional family. Unfortunately, this is just a boring drama about a dysfunctional family in India. 280 more words


X is for X-Chromosome

noun, Genetics.


a sex chromosome of humans and most mammals that determines femaleness when paired with another X chromosome and that occurs singly in males. 343 more words

A To Z

New swimming floats 

After how rowdy kids in the block spoilt the pizza float, I was reluctant to buy another float. Inflating was a pain, bringing it down to the pool was a pain and deflating was a pain. 105 more words


Mini Me

X was like a mini me.

One evening, we picked X up from school. Z was already in the car and had attended soccer camp earlier in the day. 83 more words


Divide And Conquer

A second night of violent unlawful protest in Charlotte North Carolina, resulting in a night of terror with one man shot by a civilian and in critical condition and multiple officers injured. 281 more words


Overheard: About Wiyah and my kids

Asking X what he liked about a particular girl…

X:  She’s just really easy to talk to.  She’s easier to talk to than my guy friends.   155 more words


Ratings Expected Too Be Historic

The first Presidential debate next Monday between Democratic and Republican nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is expected to shatter records in terms of views with more than 100 million expected to tune in to hear what the candidates have to offer. 176 more words