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5 Bài tập Lưng "CUỒN CUỘN" với xà đơn

Có thể các bạn nam nghĩ rằng tập luyện ngực, bụng và tay là đủ để có thân hình đẹp, nhưng thực chất, Lưng là nơi hội tụ nhiều khối cơ và cũng góp phần quan trọng vào ngoại hình của bạn nhất đó; nó gồm có cơ sô, cơ nách sau, cơ bả vai, cơ lưng giữa và cơ lưng dưới. 506 more words

Remembering the first 30 days...

When I think about the first 30 days of my sobriety today I have an overwhelming sense of relief.  I don’t ever want to go through that again.  930 more words


Sony Xperia XA review: Where did the bezels go?

Ambitious design for a £240 smartphone, but can the rest of the Sony Xperia XA hit the mark.In fact, to my eyes, the Sony Xperia XA it’s a more attractive phone than the company’s premium Xperia X. 58 more words

Debug XA transactions in JBoss EAP 6

How do you find out if XA transactions are actually working and if there are problems, how do you find them? Apart from good tests the answer is to read the logs. 168 more words


How looking for the similarities rather than the differences changed my life

We all do it. We all compare ourselves to other people.

We compare ourselves to our friends, our enemies, our neighbors, strangers on the street, and celebrities that we will never know personally. 1,192 more words



Facebook has a remarkable way of reminding me exactly how crazy things had gotten in my life. You know those “Memories” that it shows. Many of mine are related to what I was drinking that day. 376 more words


The whisper of the skunk

It’s another great day to be alive, healthy, and sober. The sunset last night was so spectacular here in Menemsha. It was a true reminder of how beautiful this world and this life really are. 204 more words