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Q0001 - Why Do We Suffer?

The Buddha’s answer to this question is found in the Second Noble Truth: “the origin of suffering is craving.”  But what do we mean by that? 229 more words


Thursday Night Live for march 26th

Chi Alpha will meet at College Heights Assembly of God in Bryan this Thursday. We will meet at 7pm.


Brian Abraham makes history at TNL

By Kevin Green

Live from the Oklahoma State University Student Union, it’s Thursday night!

Sound familiar? It may share a similar acronym with the popular Saturday night comedy sketch show, but Thursday Night Live focuses on the spiritual effect of God rather than the comedic timing of satire. 376 more words


Meeting Burnout… Advice is Needed!

At what point do you decide that a meeting is no longer successful? How do you deal with meeting burnout?

Many in recovery attend 12-step meetings, including myself. 613 more words





Olympus XA/Ilford Pan F



Short for ex-Agency, the term ‘XA’ is very rarely heard at all. The Agency quashes any rumours that members would want to leave, nevermind are successful in doing so. 170 more words


Photography can be social

My 50p XA2 camera hasn’t laid totally dormant.  Ok, it was replaced for a while by the sexy Pentax SP500 Spotmatic, and it is looking a bit battered from previous pocket usage – but I did recently load it with a Poundland C-41 film, and return it to my coat pocket.   210 more words