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Meeting Burnout… Advice is Needed!

At what point do you decide that a meeting is no longer successful? How do you deal with meeting burnout?

Many in recovery attend 12-step meetings, including myself. 613 more words





Olympus XA/Ilford Pan F



Short for ex-Agency, the term ‘XA’ is very rarely heard at all. The Agency quashes any rumours that members would want to leave, nevermind are successful in doing so. 170 more words


Photography can be social

My 50p XA2 camera hasn’t laid totally dormant.  Ok, it was replaced for a while by the sexy Pentax SP500 Spotmatic, and it is looking a bit battered from previous pocket usage – but I did recently load it with a Poundland C-41 film, and return it to my coat pocket.   210 more words


Connected Through Change

A million miles away, through a stained glass window of change I’m still learning to appreciate, looms the landscape of my heart. The cement walls don’t cave in on me anymore, but the weighty doors feel ancient, and I need help pushing them all the way open. 955 more words


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Just for today: I can look anyone in the eye without shame. I am grateful for the loving support that has made this possible.”

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