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Installation of PHP (XAMPP Server)

PHP Installation

XAMPP is one of the easiest way to install Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP, and Perl
  • Download the latest version of the XAMPP server from offical…
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Letak file database dalam XAMPP

Jika teman-teman yang sudah familiar dengan PHP, pasti teman-teman pernah mendengar XAMPP. Ya , XAMPP merupakan sebuah software dimana didalamnya sudah terdapat 3 aplikasi. Yaitu apache, MySQL dan Filezilla. 150 more words


Setting up a Database


To download Xampp use this link.

Once downloaded you will open the program to this (Windows), first you must start up specific programs, the two being Apache and MySQL. 175 more words

Portable MariaDB and Python (USB drive)

I’ve got a few projects rotating through the front burners, and one of them involves setting up a MariaDB instantiation on a USB key or drive or whatever you want to call it. 331 more words



XAMPP for Windows 4, 8, phpMyAdmin , OpenSSL , XAMPP Control Panel , You can download a compatible version of XAMPP for these XAMPP helps you create and develop your own applications using Web server technologies.Many people know from their own experience that it’s not easy to install XAMPP – Free Download for Windows 10 Uninstall completely from Windows 7. 346 more words


Choosing a Drupal Development Environment

As I mentioned in the previous post, I recently became a web developer for a federal contractor working on Drupal sites. For those of you who have never worked on Drupal, it’s like most content management systems (CMS) in that it requires several things to be set up and configured in order to run. 2,168 more words