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How To Setting Up Virtual Hosts for XAMPP

Setting Up Virtual Hosts for XAMPP

Running a Web server on your desktop computer is a great way to speed up Web site development.
By previewing your Web pages directly through a Web server on your own computer you can test out server-side programming like server-side include files, form processing scripts, or database-driven Web pages. 1,097 more words


Preparing the htdocs folder for your first PHP project - Here's how I did it.

After installing XAMPP server on your Linux computer, you may wonder: What next? Well, it’s time to create your first PHP project folder.
Your project folder and all your upcoming projects should typically reside inside the “htdocs” folder which can be located -by default- in /opt/lampp/htdocs… 312 more words

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Start/Stop XAMPP - Here's how I did it.

Maybe the very next thing you would like to know after successfully installing XAMPP on your Linux is: How to start and stop XAMPP and its services. 160 more words

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Apache 3.2.1 tidak berjalan di windows 8.1

Penyebab masalah ini ada bermacam macam. Dan langkah pertama yang anda lakukan adalah identifikasi penyebabnya.

Apabila kebetulan penyebab masalah anda sama seperti saya. Anda bisa menggunakan solusi yang saya tuliskan dibawah. 98 more words

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XAMPP - How to create a database with ease

XAMPP makes creating and managing databases very easy. By following few steps we can create a database and then table. So lets see how this can be done: 194 more words


XAMPP PHPMyAdmin tool

PHPMyAdmin is a central place where you can manage MySQL databases.   PHPMyAdmin provides graphical tools to design and manage databases. There is no need to have a programming knowledge to be able to create a database, tables and even use all advanced tools like setting up privileges and users. 113 more words