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Menjalankan Web di Localhost

  1. Pertama kita download xampp untuk menjalankan web di localhost komputer kita, bisa di download di https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html , download sesuai sistem operasi kalian.
  2. Kemudia install xampp, jika tampil seperti dibawah, klik OK saja.
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MySQL : Configuration and Creation

Hiya guys, been a while since my last post about MySQL. Let’s just refresh a bit, okay, so the last post is all about the introduction of what MySQL really is and to speed things up let’s just start creating a new database, tables, put some problems and solve them of course. 596 more words


Cannot Start Apache Server on XAMPP

There are quite a few video instructions online attempting to correct this issue.  However, just as with many videos we watch, they address “the fire” and not what is truly causing the fire itself.   46 more words

Bài 1. Học PHP : Cài đặt Apache và mysql.

Apache là gì ? 

  • Apache là một phần mềm mã nguồn mở miễn phí được cài đặt trên các máy chủ server để thực hiện các giao thức gửi tới máy chủ theo giao thức HTTP.
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XAMPP/WAMP Reset ROOT Password

If the problem is just a forgotten password this will allow you to reset it. However if you have mixed incompatible databases with MySQL Server versions there will be other problems later once you have reset the password. 286 more words


Create DB, New Table with XAMPP

Just a little update about that CPSC304 project.

Okay, so this is me messing with XAMPP.

Once you start the XAMPP mySQL database go to: … 231 more words


Starting my CPSC304 MySQL Project

Project: build a database and application.

What we chose to do: PHP webapp with Oracle database.

The template was taken from:


The server-environment is: XAMPP — so far. 101 more words