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In the Arms of a Roper

The Xaniqos walk towards the stairs at the end of the hallway. Phaedra has checked it out earlier, and found out that it leads down to a complex of natural caves. 826 more words



Once the ghost is gone, Phaedra examines the door to the right. It opens into a room with a sarcophagus. The cleric tells her brother to use his wand to see if the coffin has been tampered with. 591 more words


Claws and Fangs

Phaedra continues down the corridor, her sister right behind her. She opens the door and moves into the room. Suddenly the floor is lit with a blue glow. 792 more words


Footsteps in the dust

The next morning, the Xaniqos are called to a meeting with Taldinyon. The weapon master introduces them to a familiar face, the draegloth Leargath, hired to help them search for… 712 more words


The Cloaker Lord

The Xaniqos try to rest, while Phaedra keeps watch. It is unnerving to hear and not see. When two hours have passed, new flapping sounds can be heard close to where they were ambushed. 487 more words


When Cloaks Come to Life

Again the drow stand at the slope of the mine, and try to decide which way to go. As the brothers each point in a different direction and Phaedra is still blinded, Lilith takes the lead. 753 more words



When they walk back towards the entrance of the darklight ore mine, they suddenly hear applause. A very well dressed drow in a splendid robe is clapping his hands and says, 764 more words