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Alas, our valiant wizard has been severely afflicted by the wicked ghoul’s bite and has fallen ill. Our Underdark adventure has been postponed until September. … 19 more words


The Fang of Lolth

The tunnel echoes with their footsteps, while the drow make their way deeper into the maze of the Underdark. At some point they realize something or someone else is near! 1,173 more words


Szith Morcane

Wary of the shadow spider, the Xaniqos continue their way over the unstable spider strands. Phaedra carefully picks a route through the sticky maze, while the others follow in her footsteps. 1,179 more words



The drow climb through the hatch and descend down the rope ladder, which ends at a platform. A short corridor leads towards a giant chasm, that opens up 30 feet wide. 778 more words


The Hidden Dell

The well-trodden path leads towards the entrance of the cave. It looms ahead, dark and forbidding. The cleric sends forth another eye, directing it into the darkness. 868 more words