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xargs - possible uses

Xargs is one of those commands I have never used. Recently I was looking into how I can use them in the scripts I use on a daily basis. 211 more words

How To

Extract multiple tarballs

ls *.tar.gz | xargs -IH tar xvf H
ls *.tar.gz | xargs -n 1 tar xvf


Cara cepat mencari dan menghapus file di Linux

Menyambung tulisan sebelumnya. Ada lagi yang saya suka dari command line di linux, yaitu kemudahan dalam mencari file tertentu secara cepat. Perintah ini bisa digabung dengan perintah lain untuk menghapus semua file tadi sekaligus. 312 more words


Delete lines from multiple files (recursively) in Linux

We had a requirement to delete a line which matches a particular pattern from multiple ksh files. These lines of code was used to log execution status and we no longer needed it after an architecture change. 79 more words

Parallelize using xargs

According to this answer on StackOverflow: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/24954/when-is-xargs-needed/24979#24979 , you can easily parallelize tasks using xargs. To quote the given example:

$ find . -type f -name '*.wav' -print0 | xargs -0 -P 3 -n 1 flac -V8
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Using find command to interact with files

In this short article I want to show you how you can use find to interact with files within Linux. I’ll also try to cover some of the aspects when using find with xargs command and we’ll see the difference between these two. 355 more words