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Parellel processing in Bash

The command line has been the primary interface for Unixes for over 40 years now. It’s design is reminiscent of it’s terminal roots, and it has remained much the same in form and function for decades now. 1,691 more words


Remove all unused kernels

As you know, everytime there is an update for the kernel, the new kernel is installed while the old one is not automaticaly uninstalled, after several kernel updates you will find a large list of old kernels in the start grub menu . 143 more words


Using find command to search for a string in some text files

I always forget the command to search for the strings in files pasted here:

find . -name “pom.xml”| xargs -t -L 1 cat | grep stop… 63 more words

How to SCP in parallel?

Here is short script doing that, using xargs capabilities:

cd ${SOURCE_DIR}; find . -type f | xargs -n1 -P$THREADS -I% scp % ${TARGET_DIR}/%
Unix / Solaris / Linux

Remove Exif data from pictures

Exiftool can be used to strip the Exif data from jpeg images/pictures.

Install the app:

sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl

Read the current Exif tag data from an image (could also be *.jpg, etc) : 83 more words

Web Application Testing - Parsing Directory and File Listing

During web application testing, it is useful to get the directory and file listing of the root of the web application that you are testing so as to ensure complete coverage of the application. 194 more words


Recursively list files (with space in their names)

Today, I had to do a long list of files inside a folder recursively. I tried using

find <folder> | xargs ls -l

This failed miserably when the folders/files inside the search location had space character in it. 42 more words