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Using Xargs on Mac Terminal

Xargs is used to run commands on the output from other command line programs.
The OS X version is missing the default -I {} that other *nix sytems seem to have. 43 more words


Tech Recipe : Deleting lots of keys in Redis, fast

I haven’t posted anything in here for a while, so i thought i’d post a short snippet until i can think of something more meaty.┬áHere’s a snippet that has helped me whenever I’ve wanted to delete a large number of keys in… 106 more words


Linting PHP Files in Parallel on Travis

With PHP 7 around the corner here is a small tip how you can at least lint the code in your project to be PHP 7 syntax compatible. 751 more words


Recognizing bash aliases in xargs

If you set an alias, say ‘alias grep=”grep –color”‘, in bash; xargs will not recognize it. It will simply execute the normal grep without the “–color” option. 30 more words


More: Array Subset, loop and xargs

Last week I had a requirement to fetch details of some records. For simplicity let’s assume records are id of some entity; I need to get details from an API for those id. 299 more words

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