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Tech Recipe : Deleting lots of keys in Redis, fast

I haven’t posted anything in here for a while, so i thought i’d post a short snippet until i can think of something more meaty. Here’s a snippet that has helped me whenever I’ve wanted to delete a large number of keys in… 106 more words


Linting PHP Files in Parallel on Travis

With PHP 7 around the corner here is a small tip how you can at least lint the code in your project to be PHP 7 syntax compatible. 751 more words


Recognizing bash aliases in xargs

If you set an alias, say ‘alias grep=”grep –color”‘, in bash; xargs will not recognize it. It will simply execute the normal grep without the “–color” option. 30 more words


More: Array Subset, loop and xargs

Last week I had a requirement to fetch details of some records. For simplicity let’s assume records are id of some entity; I need to get details from an API for those id. 299 more words

Bash Script

Parellel processing in Bash

The command line has been the primary interface for Unixes for over 40 years now. It’s design is reminiscent of it’s terminal roots, and it has remained much the same in form and function for decades now. 1,691 more words


Remove all unused kernels

As you know, everytime there is an update for the kernel, the new kernel is installed while the old one is not automaticaly uninstalled, after several kernel updates you will find a large list of old kernels in the start grub menu . 143 more words


Using find command to search for a string in some text files

I always forget the command to search for the strings in files pasted here:

find . -name “pom.xml”| xargs -t -L 1 cat | grep stop… 63 more words