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Completionist - Virtua Fighter 2

Is there any genre of video game which ages as gracefully as fighters? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. Of course there isn’t. And you only need to play a game like  366 more words

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Completionist - New Rally-X

New Rally-X is, technically, a racing game. It’s difficult to tell, although admittedly New Rally-X was originally released in 1981, when games very rarely bore even a passing resemblance to whatever it was they were intended to represent. 470 more words

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Completionist - Harm's Way

I’ve never met anyone who played Harm’s Way for more than an hour or two, and even that’s pushing it. In a way this is hardly surprising; the game’s an arcade racer that only has four drivable vehicles, three very similar post-apocalyptic tracks, and a single three-race event to compete in. 497 more words

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Completionist - Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos

I’ve never really understood the appeal of hidden object games. For one thing, I don’t like mess; I’ve had real-life relationships end because I seem to be attracted almost exclusively to untidy women. 274 more words

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Alien Breed 2 - They're Coming Outta The God-Damn Walls!

Game Backlog Update #2

This post crosses off one more game from my “List of Doom“.  I haven’t settled on a name for that list yet, so it’ll probably change with every post.  315 more words


Doritos Crash Course 2 review

This was the first review I ever wrote. It was a practice review I wrote for my cousin to see if I was able to write a proper review, and hence it wasn’t published on his website for that reason. 800 more words