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Dead Block Review (Xbox 360 Arcade)

Dead Block is your run of the mill zombie game with a twist…it’s not about killing the dead-heads but rather keeping them out for as long as you can. 386 more words

The Disc

State of Decay

The zombie craze is still at an all-time high with our society and State of Decay delivers the same brain eating monsters you’d expect. The game focuses on zombie survival using stealth, distractions, base building, securing resources, and relocating based on your community needs. 1,897 more words

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Terraria: Real Life Review


Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita

Released: 2011/2013

Age certificate: PG

Girlfriend test

(This tests how much freedom the game gives you to turn it off and go do the laundry. 1,235 more words

Real Life Review

Castle Crashers Xbox 360 Review

Console: Xbox 360 
Date Released: 08/27/2008
Date Reviewed: 03/18/2012
Reviewer: Richard
* Controls are very easy to learn
* Several characters and weapons to choose from… 747 more words

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Xbox 360 Arcade

If you need to dwell a life free from tensions, you must begin to play games. Playing video games can be a goo option to train your mind. 304 more words

The Key Benefits Of An Xbox 360 Arcade Hard Drive

Consequently, it really is vitally essential to make sure that you simply are keeping your Xbox 360 Arcade Hard Drive free from dust, over exposure to the sun and free from water. 510 more words

Hard Drive For Xbox 360 Arcade


Format: Xbox Live Arcade
Players: 1-4
Online: 2-4
Price: 800 ms points
Genre: Platform Puzzle Racer
Release Date: 29th December 2010

Super Mario meets Mr. 477 more words