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Memo: New Destiny Post Inbound 

With the recent announcement of Destiny’s Second DLC (Downloadable Content) arriving May 19th I’m going to have more places to explore abs get more screenshots from my own gameplay from new environments. 57 more words


Game Skills in Real Life Situations: Making Money

Welcome to Game Skills in Real Life Situations, a regular series where I use my wisdom to parse out helpful lessons from an appropriate video game to help us in real life situations! 586 more words


E3 2015 Games: All Rumored & Confirmed Games List

E3 2015 is right around the corner, and we’re starting to get more information about what upcoming games are going to be shown at the show in one form or another. 404 more words


REVIEW: Indiemon VS Zombies

Speaking of nerd cards in need of being revoked, I’ve avoided developer RicolaVG‘s Indiemon series on XBLIG for various reasons, tops among them being that I’m not a huge fan of… 443 more words

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Let's Play Monkey Island Part 2 - Been there, done that, got the........ great a T-Shirt

This time we find a breath mint for a stinky piggy, follow some dance steps and absolutely, positively DON’T engage in animal cruelty!

Please pop on over to my YouTube channel over at… 17 more words


Most Agreeable Moments - Viva Piñata and the nature of nurture

There was something wonderfully magical about Viva Piñata. It was easy for tending to one’s garden to border on obsession, as building a sustainable ecosystem through both the comfort of nurture and the ruthlessness of nature, had me running home from work at lunchtime to briefly play god from the comfort of a beautifully manicured garden.   589 more words

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The Destiny piece that has been ages coming.

I hope you really love Crucible… – Destiny.

Destiny remains far too grind-filled a title for inconsequential rewards to be of any continuing value for Player versus Environment players… House of Wolves pending, of course.