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Stubbs the Zombie

Punchbowl City is set to be the city of the future in 1959, opening it’s gates to show the world a place where technology has made everything better, but unbeknownst to the city’s residents it’s been built over the grave of a man that was murdered years ago, and he’s comes back with vengeance on his mind and a hunger for brains in his stomach. 2,494 more words

The Undead Review

Game On: The Walking Dead (Part 20)

Chris, Michelle and Shaun take on the horror and despair of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead — but there’s a catch. This time, Michelle’s in control. 57 more words

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Fallout 3 Free with Fallout 4 Xbox Preorder

Written by J. C. Pudlewski

With a release date of November 10, 2015, Fallout 4 is one of the most anticipated games showcased at E3 2015. 146 more words

Xbox One

Watch One of the Most Intense Dishonored Gameplays Ever!

I’ve dedicated many hours to playing Dishonored. I’m talking about both styles of gameplay: chaotic assaults and stealthy approaches. Every time I play it, I’m able to beat my prior playthrough’s record time and I’ve even managed to find every hidden item in the game and unlock all of its PS3 trophies. 55 more words


Xbox LIVE Ultimate Game Sale begins next week


Microsoft is gearing up to put a ton of games on sale for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 during their Ultimate Game Sale next week. 106 more words

Daily News

Xbox One Backward Compatibility from a Gaming Dad Perspective.

I have seen many articles this past couple weeks on backwards compatibility. While a few give praise on this move by Xbox, most seem to be calling it a move that will hurt the company, or a move done simply for financial gain. 592 more words


The Raven's old-fashioned mystery is not enough to captivate

The truth is this–it is way easier to write about a bad game than a good game. Also, much more fun. Gushing over fantastic gameplay mechanics or a clever story is all well and good, but nothing makes the eyes dilate or lips quiver like venomous prose, the kind that pins its prey to the wall and tortures it into unconsciousness. 781 more words