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Xbox 360 System Update

Microsoft has released a system update to address some minor bug fixes and improvements. Check it here.


Warriors Wednesday: It's A Trap... Again

You can count on several things in a Warriors game: firstly, that pursuing Lu Bu is usually a bad idea; secondly, that the commander is struggling and that you should assist at once; and thirdly, that “it” is usually a trap. 73 more words

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Jet Set Radio review

Jet Set Radio is one of the best-looking games I’ve ever played. Its vibrant world and upbeat soundtrack set it apart from every other terrible 3D platformer; unfortunately, that’s all that sets it apart. 319 more words

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Vacation Gaming

On my vacation, I wrapped up three games. Considering I generally wrap up about 7-10 games a month, this isn’t really an increase. In fact, while in the mountains, I only played my Switch a few times and two of the three games I finished on my vacation were bookends. 682 more words

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Warriors Wednesday: Stoking the Fires of Rebellion

Today’s scuffle in the lands of Warriors Orochi sees Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan entering the picture, as Cao Pi does his best to gather the forces required for an effective rebellion. 58 more words

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Summertime Play: A Video Games Update

The summer season tends to encourage people to go outside or plan vacations. Other times it’s a good reason to catch up on other leisure pursuits, like gaming. 895 more words

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In sticking with a theme...

It would appear I still have an ax to grind, after that last post, but this time around, I’ll strive to make the entry more about the game, than the real world. 274 more words