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10 Years Later, the Promises of Assassin's Creed Still Linger

*Moderate to heavy spoilers for every Assassin’s Creed game up to ACIII follow.*

2007 was a very different time – George W Bush was still President, Soulja Boy was relevant, and LOST was in the middle of its third, arguably worst, season. 2,226 more words

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YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #35

It’s full-speed ahead with another round of YouTube Highlights! If it’s cold outside, we’ll warm you up here with plenty of gaming goodness. (And if you’re already warm, well…lucky you. 291 more words


Sniper Elite V2 - The One With The Cock Shots

Game Backlog Update #17

It’s time to chip away some more at my mountain of untouched games.  Here are my thoughts on Sniper Elite V2 400 more words


How to Get a Free Xbox 360 on Black Friday

GameStop just released a Black Friday ad for a pre-owned $59.99 Xbox 360 with a mail-in rebate for $59.99. So in the end, the Xbox 360 comes in at $0. 193 more words


Throwback Thursday - Destiny

I have to admit, Destiny 2 has been my latest addiction. Destiny 2 is actually what made me procrastinate writing this article. But where did it all start? 589 more words

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Article : Reflecting on 15 Years of Xbox Live

I want to preface this article by saying it is equal parts self-reflection, Xbox brand history, and Xbox Live history. I have been gaming since the early 1980s, have owned more games, consoles, and PC components than I can count, and have been a part of several fantastic gaming communities over the years. 4,131 more words

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Nothing can be more exciting to a hard core gamer than the excitement of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the gaming mecca commonly referred to as E3, waiting for our favorite developers and publishers to reveal their next upcoming projects be it a console, new feature, new type of controller, or gadget such as the kinect, move, and most recently the VR headsets, and of course new games be it an exciting new IP, much anticipated sequel, surprising prequel, or commonly of late, another remaster. 1,488 more words

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