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SSX- Where Did Your Soul Go?

Video Feature – Examining the Love Loss Between EA’s Latest SSX, and the Charm of its Predecessors. For the full feature article see here.


Syndicate Single Player Review.

Developer: Starbreeze (The Darkness, Chronicles of Riddick) Publisher: EA


Syndicate is set in a dystopian future (ain’t it always) in which multinational corporations have outgrown the nations to which they belong becoming the defining bodies of the globe. 704 more words


Fez Release Date Revealed

Fez Beckons Gamers for an April Rendezvous… Again

“04.13.12” The message on the charmingly pixel-esque screen seems perfect clear. But in case it wasn’t the accompanying message reads: 113 more words


New Assassin's Creed 3 Screens

Ubisoft looks to dampen doubts regarding it’s latest sequel with images, that are nothing less then astounding.

Is a console capable of this? Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption certainly set the bench mark for what we thought capable on a console when it comes to a rural and dynamic free roam world, but what do you think?


Halo 4 release date 21st November?

Dubious footage appears on the cyber horizon.

A video resembling a cinematic effects reel for upcoming title Halo 4, if genuine, has seemingly leaked online. Throughout the video, CGI images of  test tubes, and other equipment is shown, interspersed  with cosmicscapes of stars, universes etc. 72 more words


Klei introduces its latest 2D stealth stunner.

Does a 2D game cast a 1D shadow?

Its been just weeks after the release of its flagship 2 dimensional slashathon Shank 2 but Klei has already announced its latest project. 79 more words


I Am Alive Developer Diary talks world creation.

It’s a beautiful apocalypse.

With only a few weeks to go until it anticipated release, Ubisoft has released this developer diary showcasing the unique and impressive merits of it’s upcoming XBLA/PSN title “I Am Alive” 91 more words