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Video: Unreleased GoldenEye 007 Xbox Live Arcade Footage

A new clip has emerged, containing 30 minutes of unreleased GoldenEye 007 footage for what was destined to be an Xbox Live Arcade version of the classic Nintendo 64 title. 153 more words


New Rally-X

(This piece is part of the Completionist series. You can check out the other entries by clicking these words).

New Rally-X is, technically, a racing game. 487 more words

Video Games

DuckTales Remastered - Review

DuckTales Remastered is the latest retro game to get the HD treatment from WayForward and Capcom. I remember playing the original back in the day on the NES and I always had a great time with it. 913 more words


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - Review

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has arrived and it brings with it a healthy dose of 80s reverence. From the moment you start the campaign you will immediately notice the over the top 80s nostalgia in the dialogue, cinematics, soundtrack and more. 1,144 more words


Sacred Citadel - Review

Sacred Citadel recently hit Xbox Live Arcade and brings a really fun side-scrolling arcade brawler. If you aren’t familiar with this game than simply think Castle Crashers and you will get the idea. 831 more words


Dollar Dash - Review

Dollar Dash has just hit Xbox Live Arcade and it brings with it some old school fun with a bit of a Bomberman-esque feel to it. 603 more words


World Gone Sour - Review

World Gone Sour has just hit Xbox Live and it is one of the more interesting titles I have played in a while. This is a game based off of the Sour Patch Kids candy and as such no one really knew what to expect. 636 more words