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Avatar and the Deadly Tomb - Review

Release Date: 5/11/2013

Price: $1 or 69p

I’m not exactly the newest to the Xbox 360 scene; as a matter of fact, I only really got on board with the system in mid-2015, and even then, I only own a small amount of games, most being very old. 790 more words


Bad Bunny

Approximately nine hours ago, I started watching the new Hobbit movie with Brian. Weirdly enough, the counter on the television indicates that we only began watching it one and a half hours ago. 505 more words

Xbox Live Indie Game Reviews

Grand Class Melee

If a game is fun, then is that game good? Has the objective of the game design been fulfilled, or are there more criteria we demand before we can deem a game quality? 673 more words

Xbox Live Indie Game Reviews

Then and Now: Two Years of Let's Plays


I started a let’s play channel two years ago with a friend of mine.  We had no idea what we were doing. Hell, I didn’t even know a let’s play was a thing at the time.   193 more words

Poker Date

Poker Date combines a Royal Deck variation of five-card stud poker with the tired and true XBLIG staples of anime boobies and inept programming.  The result is one of the most hilariously awful games I’ve ever played.  465 more words

Xbox Live Indie Game Reviews

The Useful Dead

The Useful Dead is platform-puzzler where you must intentionally murder the current character you’re playing as in a way that allows the next character you get to finish the stage.  773 more words

Xbox Live Indie Game Reviews

Strange Japanese Game Whose Name Wordpress Won't Let Me Put in the Title

Today’s game is called 一>◇.  No seriously, that’s the name.  一>◇.  It’s a name that search engines and headers will not put up with, so for the purposes of today’s review, I’ll be calling this game the Strange Japanese Game.  873 more words

Xbox Live Indie Game Reviews