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The case for a new Alan Wake game.

So, it appears that there is a pretty steady rumble around Remedy Games and their development of Quantum Break, the basic storyline and all I have seen so far are pretty awesome looking and the scope of the game is said to be fairly ambitious and the gameplay reveal earlier this year is pretty awesome. 683 more words


EA dropping names/licensing agreements for weapons.

Image courtesy of TechGage.

We are not overly political here at the Haus, but sometimes politics has a way of worming its way into almost everything, and the gaming industry is not immune. 265 more words


Walking Dead 3, The Long Road Ahead.

I know that some of you have not gone and purchased this game yet (Ahem, Editor in Chief really dude?), but I can’t recommend this game enough to those that are dragging their feet. 1,384 more words


Microsoft to Reveal Next-Gen Console on May 21st

Better late than never.

That’s a saying that some would find fitting to this situation. Nearly 3 months following Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement  Microsoft will finally take the veil off of it’s next-gen Xbox. 89 more words


Black Ops II Revolution drops Tuesday

The first expansion pack for Black Ops II, “Revolution”, comes out Tuesday, with four new multiplayer maps, a new online weapon, and even the ability to play as a Zombie (Giggitty). 250 more words


Call of Duty: Black Ops II drops $500 million in its first 24 hours worldwide!

I think I can speak for all of us when I say “holy crap”! In its first 24 hours worldwide, BO2 knocked off Modern Warfare 3’s record of $400 mil. 67 more words


Walking Dead Game, Chapter 2 - Starved for Help (Spoiler Alert!)

Ok, by now you guys have been wondering what has been going on in the real world… namely the world created by Robert Kirkman and inhabited by all of us, and by those of us that have died,and come back. 1,189 more words