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Block Dropper Weekend Update - 8.13.2017

On Sunday we released some pretty cool updates for Block Dropper on Windows 10 and Xbox One!  The first major update added a multiplayer counter so you can keep track of how many times each of you have won.  25 more words

Block Dropper

Online services on the Xbox One August 2017

For this article, we’re bringing you the current status of the Xbox Live Services. It’s important to know whether or not everything is working so you can get the most out of your live services and your Xbox; so we’re gonna give you a quick rundown of the services. 160 more words

Our Top 10 Favorite Games to play on the Xbox One

If you own an Xbox, chances are you have on of these 10 games which are our personal favourites. Of course what games are good are subjective to the person playing the game. 1,866 more words

Blind Fire: Did Fortnite Use Deceptive Selling Practices With Console Gamers?

I’ve seen a lot of back and forth on this issue on various forms of social media. Now, if you bought fortnite on PC, or are one of those players that have been with this game through the development of the game, it’s pretty clear that you knew what you were getting into.   822 more words


Block Dropper

I owe Block Dropper this: it made me realize how different I am from the little girl who started this blog. If I had played this in August of 2011, I would have been quite annoyed by it. 624 more words

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Overwatch Players Will Earn Competitive Points By Playing Lúcioball

You can use those competitive points to unlock golden gun.

Playing Overwatch’s competitive mode gives you competitive points. And competitive points give you golden guns. 238 more words


Spotify is comeing to Xbox Live soon

Spotify has been testing its application to listen to music on the Xbox One gaming console and entertainment, and after the test period will be officially available for download. 99 more words