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"NBA 2K18" cover star Kyrie Irving Lightning announced the team

The official has been officially open, but also wood has become a boat. According to ESPN reports, the NBA Cavaliers officially agreed with the Celtic team’s deal, so boarded the “NBA 2K18” cover of the popular star Kyrie Irving team to the Serik team. 142 more words


Metal Gear Revengeance For Xbox One

Metal Gear Revengeance the game that allowed Raiden to be cool in his way is coming to the Xbox One. The game will be backwards compatible along with another game call Scram Rider a puzzle game… 66 more words


The new Xbox Virtual Doll editor content is the first to watch

Microsoft said a few months ago that they were adjusting the existing virtual doll system, and the system’s renovation work seems to be nearing completion, but the official plan to launch with the Xbox One autumn update. 443 more words


Microsoft released the Xbox Handle Wireless Receiver! PC dedicated

Microsoft recently released the latest PC-specific Xbox handheld wireless receiver, and will be listed on August 8.

The wireless receiver can support up to eight Xbox handsets and stereo sound, in addition, the official also claimed that the Xbox handle the wireless receiver volume than the previous generation of USB devices is still 66% smaller. 93 more words