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Auch moderne Gamepads gehen kaputt

Ich habe überrascht festgestellt, dass mir tatsächlich für den PC noch nie ein Gamepad kaputtgegangen ist! Das ist erstaunlich und hat mich wirklich selbst überrascht! Was habe ich früher viele Joysticks geschrottet! 672 more words

Great Games - Portal

Valve has always been known for the high octane, shooter library that started with Half-Life and progressed to mods becoming standalone titles, such as Team Fortress and Counter-Strike. 594 more words

Great Games

My Top 30 Games of the Decade (2010 - 2019)

So this is a big one… I mean literally, making the 30 thumbnails was a pain in the arse, but I just couldn’t nail it down to just 20, and when I did 25 I thought of five more I could easily talk about and went “screw it!”. 3,500 more words


Top 100 Xbox 360 Review: #94 - Diablo III (2012)

Junk Food.

This game is like playing slot machines except you are not wasting money, you are wasting your life. 

Game FAQs Ranking:  #98/100
My Rating: … 613 more words

Video Game Reviews

King's Quest: The Complete Collection

Publisher: Sierra Games

Developer: The Odd Gentleman

Release Date: 07/28/2015

Rating: Everyone 10+

MSRP: $39.99

Also Available On

King’s Quest is one of the oldest gaming franchises as it dates back to the 8-bit gaming era on IBM PCs and Commadore 64, but it’s not very well known being a PC exclusive series. 930 more words

Sony Consoles

The 'greatest lunchtime': a tale of a stolen hour with Whitesnake and Lips on Xbox360

By Neil Merrett

For some, stepping into a karaoke bar might seem as exotic or hostile an experience as entering some terrifying dystopian future or mysterious alien world. 

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Resident Evil 6 (XBOX360) Review

Ah yes, Resident Evil 6, a prime example of trying to do too much leading to a poor end result. Four separate campaigns, seven lead characters, several different themes and tones but all with the same slightly clunky-feeling controls… it wasn’t great, and thankfully the reception of the game (not including sales given it’s still CAPCOM’s third bestselling game) led to Resident Evil VII going back to a horror focus, but that game will have to wait for another time, right now we end our look at the core Resident Evil games via the Game to Live Action Movie Marathon with Resi 6! 1,557 more words