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2K's Advent Teaser Sight Reveals New XCOM Game

2K Games special Advent site has slowly been getting “hacked”, revealing more and more clues to a new game. At first due to the clues surrounding gene therepy some assumed a new Bioshock game was imminent, however new clues have turned up and users on Reddit have determined that a new XCOM game is coming. 275 more words


XCOM: Operation Hidden Spark

Last 12 days have honestly been pretty nice, at least for me.  Ramirez healed up well enough but old Shazad is taking a little longer than expected.  1,494 more words


Helping Hand: Brightening Your XCOM Nights

Of late, I’ve been playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I’ve been trying on-and-off to do this pretty much since release, but I’ve always ground to a halt when confronted with the nighttime levels – particularly those maps with a more rural setting where light sources are scarce. 356 more words

Helping Hands

XCOM: A Substitute for More or Less Everything (Part Two)

Quite simply, I just couldn’t handle anything other than XCOM. Hung up on a final year project, my university degree seemed unattainable; a qualification for a future that I couldn’t conceive. 849 more words


XCOM: A Substitute for More or Less Everything (Part One)

A year ago, I descended into my second XCOM: Enemy Unknown campaign. That period isn’t entirely clear in my mind, as my mind was under no demand to remember it; XCOM kindly tracked my progress and simplified all impulses into those only compatible with the game. 1,124 more words


The untouched stealth games in my collection

I’m either just about done with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater or totally done with it, now ready to bounce back to focusing on putting Queen Brahne and her big queeny bum in their respective places in… 951 more words