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This 'XCOM 2' Mod Brings Brilliant 'Fire Emblem' Squad Cohesion To The Game

XCOM 2 is a fantastic strategy game that’s had its already long life extended into immortality with the addition of Steam Workshop compatibility. If you were one of those gamers that was tired of XCOM 2’s fun, but been there, done that gameplay, and wanted a more of an emotional attachment to your squad, modder… 241 more words


XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus lançado para PS Vita

Como usuário do Vita já a algum tempo, e como alguém que curtiu muito as novas versões lançadas nos últimos anos (joguei a versão PS3), essa é uma ótima notícia. 71 more words

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Good Games Podcast: Episode 90 - Intense Nostalgia


This week, Frank experiences some game envy when Alex shares some first impressions on Rise of the Tomb Raider. They also get into the rest of the games on their respective playlists, as well as news on No Man’s Sky, Microsoft potentially locking down PC games, a quick rundown on the most recent Nintendo Direct, Microsoft shutting down a few studios, and much more! 117 more words


XCOM 2 Review

A ragged breath escapes my lungs. My top Sniper, callsign ‘Deadshot’, lines up his target, a bug-eyed sectoid crouched behind a tree stump. Tension is high.  1,377 more words


XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

Let me just start off by saying that although I play mostly on xbox, I occasionally have a look at the steam sales, and close to the release of XCOM 2 there was a 2K developer sale which I jumped on. 2,379 more words


XCOM 2 Soundtrack Releasing on Vinyl

iam8bit, 2K, and Firaxis have teamed up to bring the cinematic scores from XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 onto vinyl for the very first time. 196 more words


XCOM: Playing Against The House.

X-Com 2 came out yesterday and I am partial to purchasing it in the coming days, IE when some free time opens up in my schedule to even play it. 1,086 more words