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XDG, lack of respect for users, and bad design

Normally and historically, using Linux has been much more pleasant than using MS-Windows, at least for those who stay away from KDE, Gnome, et co. Unfortunately, there has long been a negative trend towards worse usability, greater disregard for the user’s right to control his own computer, etc. 1,606 more words

Taiwan alerts Philippines on investment fraud

By The Asia Review

Taiwan Economic Cooperation Office has forwarded an alert to the Philippines referring to an alleged “Taiwan’s most wanted economic criminal” who was identified as Chen You-hao. 236 more words

Lumina Desktop: Autostart services

Auto start is a XDG specification [1]:

By placing an application’s .desktop file in one of the Autostart directories the application will be automatically launched during startup of the user’s desktop environment after the user has logged in.

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