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¡Vamos a Mexico!

I’ve been extremely lazy with writing this post. I’ve put it off because honestly, I didn’t feel like I had the correct words that would ensure I truly do this post justice. 1,390 more words

A Week In Riviera Maya

So, I went to Mexico. Always wanted to go, but every time I bring it up someone has to mention the frigging cartels. This time I ignored the negativity and booked the trip. 1,579 more words

Carlos and me

Just in case you were wondering, Mexico is terrible and you totally shouldn’t go there.

For instance, as soon as you step outside at their airport, it’s 85 degrees and the sun is super bright on your weak little foreign eyes, and everyone is wearing jaunty wicker fedoras and suddenly  564 more words


After a long first semester at college, winter break was welcomed with open arms. A change of scenery, my own room, and meals made not entirely of tater tots were all I can think of in December, leading up to my departure from Minnesota. 781 more words

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