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One of the best things about New Zealand is that Xena is filmed there. So whilst I’m here travelling, I decided to get my Xena binge on!!! 585 more words


“The Makings of a Hero” (Morning Fiction 5/14/2018)

“Time continues to flow, the people you meet will come and go, even you. There is no permanency. Eventually, you’ll be gone.”

She kneeled to the floor, tears streaming softly down her face. 618 more words



An Indian throwing weapon. Xena: Warrior Princess had one. It’s basically a sharp frisbee. Probably makes it pretty hard to catch. 2.4/5


2018 Xenite Retreat

So the 2018 Xenite Retreat is happening right now, and my heart is hurting beyond words (that’s a show reference 😖). Originally I was going to post a long thing about the retreat, what it means to me, and everything I had to say about the best weekend ever. 425 more words


Tread Perilously -- Xena: Warrior Princess: A Day In The Life

Tread Perilously continues its anniversary month by inducting Xena: Warrior Princess into the Hall of Fame with the episode “A Day in the Life.”

When Xena and Gabrielle are awakened by a group of ruffians in the forest, they learn Xena’s old warlord pal Zagreas intends to raid a nearby village. 182 more words


4 Reasons Why There Should Be A Xena Animated Series

Lucy Lawless recently said that she wants a Xena reboot because “it’s a wasted franchise.” Despite being off the air for 17 years, fans are still clamoring for a chance to see Xena and Gabrielle riding on the small screen once again. 595 more words

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Girl, it’s been a crazy weekend.


ICC was pretty much a huge disaster for me.  I’m pretty sad about it, but I had the expectations not to have expectations.   1,840 more words