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Xena, Warrior Princess - “Kindred Spirits”

Original airdate – Monday 20 March 2000

Gabrielle decides to stay with the Amazon tribe as Queen, but has a conflict of interest when Joxer is accused of peeking at the bathing women.

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Let's get Supernatural

I recently started watching the TV series Supernatural courtesy of Netflix. Well I must say I’m hooked! Here’s the imdb info on the series http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0460681/ 168 more words

Day To Day

John Cena Gave Guillermo's 'MUCHO' An Exclusivo About Xena On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Confirmed: John Cena’s next movie role will be as the lead in the film adaptation of Xena: Warrior Princess, we can report. The WWE star appeared on Guillermo’s show ‘MUCHO’ (on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’) and said undisputedly YES, he will don a pink bra for some reason and pretend to be Lucy Lawless from 20 years ago. 56 more words


Negative Traits, Or, Is That What I Was Doing with That Character?

So I was just reading Author Matt Bowes and the Dogs Breakfast blog (and I still have not figured out how the dog comes into the picture) and lately he has been talking about how you make characters more well rounded by, duh, giving them… 312 more words

"Jesus is Kind of Like a Buddha, Right?"

This post was sponsored by Johnny Trovato. If you’re interested in submitting topics for the blog, or just like my writing and want to sponsor Ogiue Maniax, check out my… 915 more words


Random Musings: Role Models

Chatting to one of my high school classes a few weeks ago, somehow (I’m not entirely sure how) the conversation came to a point where I mentioned the character Piper from the TV series… 482 more words


When Original Ideas Aren’t So Original: ‘Snow Like Ashes’.

I’ve seen a lot of hype about this book series recently: Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. Although, sometimes I find myself wondering: am I the only one that notices the blatant theft on the book’s cover? 552 more words