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4-25 Happy birthday to Gina Torres.

04-25 Happy birthday to Gina Torres, Born: April 25, 1969.

Gina Torres is an American television and movie actress. She has appeared in many television series, including Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (as Nebula), Xena: Warrior Princess (as Cleopatra), the short-lived Cleopatra 2525, Alias (as Anna Espinosa), the critically acclaimed series Firefly (as series regular Zoe Washburne), Angel (as Jasmine), 24 (as Julia Miliken) and The Shield. 76 more words

Delicate and Sweet

Absolutely, this is me. Never mind the paradox…

Shabbat Shalom, y’all! 7 more words

Fun Stuff

It Has Been Done

Aaaand… I’m finished. The first draft of my 2016 NaNoWriMo story is now complete at a total of 67,613 words, about 5048 of which were written during Camp NaNoWriMo this month which, since I reset my Camp goal to 5,000 words, makes me a winner. 155 more words


What is 'Army of Darkness Xena: forever and a day'?

When last we left our heroes, there was time travel, cross dressing on the cover and illegitimate slash-fic bred children from the future. But truth be told I don’t remember much of it, it was almost two years ago after all. 720 more words

3-31 Happy birthday to Jacqueline Kim.

03-31 Happy birthday to Jacqueline Kim, Born: March 31, 1965.

Jacqueline Joan Kim is the actress who played Ensign Demora Sulu in Star Trek Generations. 172 more words

3-29 Happy birthday to Lucy Lawless.

03-29 Happy birthday to Lucy Lawless. born March 29, 1968.

Lucy Lawless, is a New Zealand actress, activist and musician best known for playing the title character of the internationally successful television series Xena: Warrior Princess. 74 more words


I purchased Xena from a breeder in 1996 shortly after I started my second year of college for Veterinary technology. She was the last puppy from the litter and also the smallest of the litter. 517 more words