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Xena: "Chariots of Fire"/"Dreamcatcher"

You may have heard over here, but I am a huge Xena fan. I discovered it in reruns that I would sneak down to living room and watch while waiting for episodes of  1,224 more words

Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS

Love this Xena cosplay from Kamui. And she was awesome enough to also give her fans a tutorial. Check it out after the break:


reMiXX | Femme Assasins

Who’s was your favorite bad ass female character in the 90s and early ’00s?

Here’s a list of characters I adored!!!! 112 more words

Women's Fashion

A Fair, A Funeral, and A Finale. (Also WWSRG Updates and Other General Happenings)

September 5-7

The county fair happened at the beginning of this month and I had intended to set aside all of Saturday to spend the day there with a handful of youth. 2,160 more words

Kitty cat and Xena

So, this is what I have been doing lately:

Painting a kitty cat with oils…

and practising digital drawing with photoshop. As you can see it’s in progress. 6 more words

Xena in China: How to Use Your Setting to Your Advantage

I gave Xena: Warrior Princess some crap in my last post for the orientalist view the show presented of India, but I don’t want that to be the last word. 1,869 more words


Xena in India: How to Fix Exotification in Your Fiction

Xena: Warrior Princess is now considered a cult tv show, and for good reason. The story of the reformed warrior seeking redemption appealed to lots of fans, and the debates between subtexters and non-subtexters ravaged the internet throughout the ’90s. 2,096 more words

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