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Why T.V Would Benefit From A Xena Reboot

It’s no secret that women still seem to get the short end of the stick with most things. With the dawn of the new millennium, equal rights is only now starting to really improve, despite being a slow process (Sorry ladies!). 665 more words

Equal Rights

Xena reboot: yes or no?

There was a time when genre shows were a rare thing on TV. In the years after The Twilight Zone and Star Trek, and before… 419 more words

Xena Breaks My Heart, Again: LL's Twitter

Okay, so, uh, I might have jumped the gun with all my Xena reboot joy. As a fan of Firefly I should have known better than to fall for promises of beloved shows being brought back on the air. 43 more words

Lucy Lawless Just Crushed The Hopes Of 'Xena: Warrior Princess' Fans Everywhere

Xena: Warrior Princess fans let out a triumphant battle cry yesterday when The Hollywood Reporter announced that a reboot of the action/adventure series was in the works at NBC. 229 more words


The Bloom Is Off The Ruse - Activist Shaun King's Fake Background Claims Exposed....

Researchers here are aware that Shaun King is a complete fraud.  His, is a life-story based on lies, manipulations, theft and deception of the highest scope.  264 more words

Media Bias

flightattendentfailures reblogged this on Police Lives (truly) Matter and commented:

What a deceitful liar and con-man. Yes indeed "BlackLIESmatter".... smh!

The 'Xena' Reboot Is 'Just A Rumor,' According To Xena Herself

Yesterday, the Hollywood Reporter dropped news that Xena: Warrior Princess was being rebooted on NBC. And, well, the Internet promptly went nuts at the idea of everyone’s favorite chakram-thrower getting back on the air. 204 more words


The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (07/21/15)

Name all the KINGS you can, quick!  That was the clue that Adam Alexander had to come back to on The Pyramid this morning, have a listen and see if the player got it.  108 more words