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Changing the user experience can be dangerous

As many know, I like to do home improvement projects, so I spend quite some time at the local hardware store purchasing supplies.  I’ve been going to the same store for years. 408 more words


Webinar ControlUp le 11 février

ControlUp est un outil destiné aux administrateurs de fermes Citrix (XenApp, XenDesktop), Microsoft RSDH, ou encore VMware Horizon View. Cette console permet aussi de gérer les hyperviseurs XenServer et VMWare, couvrant ainsi un champ assez large, au-delà du périmètre Citrix. 130 more words
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XenDesktop 7.7: Windows 7 vs Windows 10

Everyone loves a good battle

  1. The Simpsons vs Family Guy
  2. Kirk vs Picard
  3. Star Wars vs Star Trek
  4. Microsoft vs Apple

And now, we have one more, which will be a big debate for 2016… Windows 7 vs Windows 10… 380 more words


Understanding Thin Clients for Citrix - Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Update (5th/Jan/2016): Sagnik who ran this project has now published a comprehensive overview of the official information available from Citrix, including some tips on using the new database and enhanced search functionality – essential reading – … 863 more words


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XenApp 7.7 is Ready for Microsoft Azure

Now this is very interesting news. Hybrid deployments of VDI here we come! Or I suppose complete VDI in Azure is another option but if production based workloads are completely in the cloud it certainly is all eggs in 1 basket. 55 more words

Microsoft Azure

XenApp Servers and Maintenance Mode behaviour

This is a bit of a “gotchya” but more of a “RTFM” on my part. On some test XenApp 7.6 systems i’d setup when i’d put their delivery group into maintenance mode –> shut them down and do maintenance work noticed what i thought was rather peculiar behaviour when taking the delivery group out of maintenance mode as none of the systems would start by themselves. 41 more words


Scalability benchmarking - XenDesktop 7.7 and Windows 7

When I worked at Citrix one of my now colleagues at NVIDIA (Jason Southern) came to us with a proposal and PoC ( 1,418 more words