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How do I define failover servers for delivery groups

Although XenApp 6.5 worker groups do not exist in XenApp 7.x, we’ve seen how similar functionality is available.


Citrix WI tip: Need more visibility to errors?

Noticed an issue internally with a legacy farm we have still in place – its also still using legacy Web interface boxes (5.4) as their front end. 153 more words


PowerShell: Cleanup XenApp Users


One of the signs of a successful IT team is to have clearly defined environments for development, testing, and production. To actually put this into practice however, requires enough head count and enough resources (real and virtual) to maintain it. 497 more words


How do I increase Delivery Group (Worker Group) capacity

As described in the blog How do I migrate a XenApp worker group structure, we saw how the use of Delivery groups, application groups and tags allow us to replicate XenApp 6.5 worker group capabilities to XenApp 7.x. 456 more words


Cursor Stuck on Server 2016

Server 2016 and XenApp 7 cursor gets stuck in the center of the desktop.

You can move around your cursor still but there is a cursor stuck no matter what you do. 43 more words


Citrix XA 7.12 W2k16 Published Desktop launch issues

Whenever a user tries to launch the published application from receiver from within the published desktop (vda) they get the following error

Been testing this in our development environment. 108 more words


Your network is hurting your application experience

A few times a year I get addicted to Xbox. Once the kids go to sleep, I can easily spend hours playing Mass Effect, Fallout or Assassin’s Creed. 204 more words