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How does Workspace Environment Management Improve Windows Logon Time

I’ve been able to experience the results of implementing Workspace Environment Management into a Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environment.  I was easily able to obtain at least a… 251 more words


Improving Logon Time with Workspace Environment Management

Continuous improvement.

Always trying to get better.

In 2012, I started my pursuit of astrophotography.  Let’s just say the results of M42 – The Orion Nebula were not very impressive. 432 more words


Scheduled Delivery Group reboots are not working after upgrading to XenDesktop / XenApp 7.12 / 7.13

After upgrading Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop to 7.12 our scheduled reboots for the Server VDA Delivery Groups did not work any longer. Citrix provided us with a Hotfix (that’s also included in 7.13) – but even that did not fix the problem. 106 more words


Improving Logon Time with PVS Accelerator

The title is correct.  We can improve user logon time by implementing PVS accelerator in XenServer 7.1.

This actually makes perfect sense.

We already showed that… 210 more words


XenDesktop - Studio gets Stuck in Mandatory Upgrade loop

Wohooo XenDesktop 7.13 got released. Lets do a short update from 7.8 and check out the new Adaptive Display v2. Well I thought my day would be easier. 318 more words


Provisioning Services Accelerator

An interesting new feature was included with the XenServer 7.1 release: Provisioning Services Accelerator.

In a single sentence,

PVS Accelerator overcomes PVS server and network latency by utilizing local XenServer RAM/Disk resources to cache blocks of a PVS vDisk to fulfill local target VM requests. 105 more words


Citrix tip: Whats the "qfarm /load" equivalent in a XenApp 7.x environment?

Needless to say every  citrix administrator will need to use this at some time, like most activities is a powershell cmdlet so need to get into a Powershell session. 27 more words