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Adding Published Applications from a specific Delivery Group to an Application Group (PowerShell)

With XenDesktop 7.12 its possible to tag your Published Applicatons and assign them to an application group. With this feature we get back the control on which server the user session will be established. 244 more words


Automation of a XenDesktop/XenApp deployment

There are many pieces involved in deploying Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp.  For simplification purposes while discussing automation, let’s focus on a single feature of a Citrix deployment- the Delivery Controller. 450 more words


Citrix tip: getting WMI CPU spikes on certain VDA's?

On a certain batch of VDA’s we had running in an environment here they were running 2 versions back (7.11) from current version on our delivery controllers (7.13) noticed tickets coming in relating to general sluggishness with performance. 88 more words


Citrix quick tip: how to use application categories to better lay out your published applications

Previously known as folders in the XenApp 6.x environments or earlier. When working in medium / large scale environments generally comes a biting point when applications are better grouped into folders (like files). 69 more words


XenApp & Internet Explorer - Improving User Experience

With advertisements all over modern websites the demand on the CPU while surfing is increasing massive. If you just browse to a normal newspaper website you will will notice a lot of JavaScript and HTML5 stuff. 632 more words


Hello World (or anyone reading)!

I’m Brian and I love technology, and writing.

Being as this is my first post on Citrixology I figured that I should introduce myself.

Before any of that I would like to personally thank Lal for the opportunity he has given me to post to his Citrix blog. 261 more words