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Windows 2016 Bandwidth Estimates for XenApp

For 10 months in the cold north, we are addicted to winter weather forecasts (ok, 10 months is a little extreme. Winter does not usually last that long in Minnesota). 427 more words

Memory Control Script - Capping Leaky Processes

In the third part of the series covering the features of a script I’ve written to control process working sets (aka “memory”), I will show how it can be used to prevent leaky processes from consuming more memory than you believe they should. 709 more words


WMI provider service issues in your citrix environment?

From time to time might encounter issues relating to your WMI provider service. This service interacts directly with the SCCM client so is an important one as would affect in a lot of cases to patch your systems. 44 more words


Changing/Checking Citrix StoreFront Logging Settings

Enabling, capturing and diagnosing StoreFront logs is not something I have to do often but when I do, I found it was time consuming to enable, and disable, logging across multiple StoreFront servers and also to check on the status of logging since Citrix provide cmdlets to change tracing levels but not to query them as far as I can tell. 502 more words


Memory Control Script - Fine Tuning Process Memory Usage

In part 1 of this series I introduced a script which consists of over 900 lines of PowerShell, although over 20% of that is comments, that ultimately just calls a single Windows API, namely  1,019 more words


Storefront Resource Integration with WEM 4.6

One of the cool new features of WEM 4.6 is the ability to directly call Storefront resources as WEM applications and push into relevant Start Menu’s or desktops the same as you would any other WEM driven application. 540 more words


New book: Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR (German)

My book about Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR (German) is finally available in Store. It was a lot of work (and learnings) but also fun to test out some not so often used features. 6 more words