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NVIDIA GRID and Microsoft Windows Server OSs and Hyper-V

Just a quick blog to clear up some FAQs on Microsoft Hyper-V support and NVIDIA GRID.

The GRID 4.1 release support matrix details support for Windows Server OSs. 1,411 more words

A better application layering solution with UniDesk

UniDesk is now part of Citrix!

Are you wondering why?

I could try to bury you with a list of features, but I want to focus on one fundamental difference that I think explains why. 478 more words


Citrix tip: Want some IE performance goodness in your Published desktop environment?

Happy New Year all!

So early doors this year got a bunch of tickets in from user performance facing issues regards Internet Explorer performance in a XenApp environment.  132 more words


Having performances with Receiver (ver 14.4.1001.1) with certain published applications?

Seen this recently and at present have a workaround in place. Very strange issue insofar as the fix is slightly unusual in itself.


Certain published applications were slowing to a crawl post upgrade to version 4.4.1. 22 more words


Configure Citrix Receiver for iOS (pre version 7) to support Framehawk

To configure older versions of Citrix receiver for IOS to support Framehawk, you must manually edit default.ica

  1. On the StoreFront server, access the App_Data directory of your store in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\.
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Citrix tip: how to enable UDP audio on unmanaged (byod) devices

Came across this useful tip on Citrix eDocs when encountering a need for it. Interesting insofar as haven’t needed to edit the default.ica file sent from StoreFront. 91 more words


XenApp 7.12 updates - welcome back local host cache!

As most citrix bod’s will know with the release of Citrix XenApp 7.0 onwards the local host cache facility whereby in essence a cached copy of the citrix datastore was kept locally was removed from the feature-set.  113 more words