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Where can I find information about Citrix on Microsoft Azure?

A colleague sent me a useful list of links about this, I felt worth sharing:


Is ThinApp Dead?

Now that VMware App Volumes is live and a number of customers have deployed App Volumes or are thinking of deploying App Volumes, one of the questions that I constantly get asked is, “is ThinApp Dead?” Or “is App Volumes replacing ThinApp?” 184 more words

End User Computing

Citrix XenApp - List servers publishing no applications

List servers and number of published applications.

set farm = CreateObject("MetaFrameCOM.MetaFrameFarm")
for each server in farm.Servers
if server.Applications.Count = 0 then
WScript.Echo server.ServerName & " " & server.Applications.Count…
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Office 365 and Citrix XenApp \ XenDesktop

Reference document on using Office 365 and Citrix environment.

We have to admit that Office 365 has transformed how users collaborate on documents. They have instant access to the latest Office software, and if they have a subscription that includes OneDrive for Business, they have a 1TB storage area. 183 more words

Exchange Server

Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp – Understanding the HDX “Extra Color Compression” Policy

  • Update (16th Aug 2015) – Now a CTX: CTX201802 – FAQ: HDX Extra Color Compression (ECC) Policy in XenApp and XenDesktop

Extra Color Compression (ECC) is a policy that can be applied to control how HDX manages bandwidth vs. 498 more words


Citrix XenDesktop / XenApp: Setting Graphics Policies – it’s simpler than it appears!

I get an awful lot of inquiries about the graphics mode policies available for HDX in Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp. The GUI shows a vast array of options and its clear from how haphazardly they seem to be set in support call logs that many users are confused as to what these do and actually fail to realise most of the settings pertain to a legacy graphics modes that they aren’t using. 875 more words


Citrix field tip: Having AppCenter discovery issues with custom admins?

So recently come across this quite pesky one – plenty of posts about it:

Getting the standard AppCenter discovery you get relating to MFCOM – in this instance only getting with custom administrators we’d setup… 61 more words