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Upgrading XenDesktop, you probably will fail. But you will find your way out of the problem.

Last few times I have done XenDesktop 7.x upgrade in production, it fails on upgrading the database automatically. And will tell you to do a manual upgrade of your databases. 440 more words


Configuring Citrix Storefront Domain Pass-through with Receiver for Windows

I would like to discus the procedure for configuring and implementing Domain Pass-through with Citrix Storefront and Citrix Receiver.

First things first, let’s get a receiver installed on a test machine. 720 more words


XenDesktop 7 custom icon for published application

This process will add a new icon to your XenDesktop database that you can use with your applications.

Convert your logo file to icon here… 23 more words


XenDesktop 7x move published app to other delivery group

Easy way to move your application from to other Delivery group.

$app = Get-BrokerApplication -Name APPNAME
$app | Add-BrokerApplication -DesktopGroup "NEWGROUP"
$app | Remove-BrokerApplication -DesktopGroup "OLDGROUP"