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OneDrive Roaming with FSLogix

The big announcement when FSLogix released their latest build of FSLogix Apps and the corresponding FSLogix Office 365 Container solution in version 2.7 was the support of Outlook Search on XenApp. 629 more words


Cursor Stuck on Server 2016

Server 2016 and XenApp 7 cursor gets stuck in the center of the desktop.

You can move around your cursor still but there is a cursor stuck no matter what you do. 43 more words


Citrix tip: having XenDesktop 7.12 upgrade troubles?

So was looking at getting our lab boxes up from their current 7.11 to the latest and greatest (is it me or is the upgrade churn from citrix accelerating?). 77 more words


Your network is hurting your application experience

A few times a year I get addicted to Xbox. Once the kids go to sleep, I can easily spend hours playing Mass Effect, Fallout or Assassin’s Creed. 204 more words


Your network is hurting your video viewing experience

I just binged watched the first season of “The Expanse”. Awesome! (BTW, the books are even better.)

I would say 90% of my TV viewing is done with streaming media either from Netflix, Amazon or my home library. 258 more words


Your network is killing your file copy performance

We’ve all been there before, rush hour traffic.

You know how it goes. You slowly increase speed to 5mph, then 10, then 15. Excitement is building because you are now going 20mph. 316 more words


Nvidia vGPU Driver fails to load with error Code 43 on XenServer 7 Hosts with more than 512GB-Ram

When you try to start a VM with an attached vGPU and the XenServer itself has more than 512GB-Ram it might happen that the driver does not start. 385 more words