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Citrix XenDesktop VDA 7.6 - getting remote PC session hangs from time to time in browser window?

From scanning the forums came across this issue where user was experiencing hangs in their browser window in existing tabs.

Fix was identified as enabling the use of software rendering instead of GPU rendering and restarting your browser as per: 44 more words


NVIDIA GRID: Citrix HDX adds support for Relative and Absolute Mouse Modes to Linux Receiver

Update: 14th September 2016 – Receiver For Windows 4.5 released today now adds support for Windows in addition to Linux!

Just a quick blog to highlight the availability on the Citrix HDX/ICA protocol of a feature enabling Relative Mouse mode. 299 more words

Citrix XenDesktop 5.x: Common issues

Following are the points you can consider while troubleshooting with Citrix XenDesktop 5.x versions:

  • Firewall configuration: Not only Windows firewall but any other firewall like McAfee or Symantec or others might block the communication.
  • 288 more words

NVIDIA GRID – A Guide on GPU Metric Integration for Citrix XenServer

Just a quick blog aimed at those looking to develop GPU hypervisor monitoring products by integrating the NVIDIA GPU metrics exposed by XenServer via their APIs. 543 more words

Publish Outlook 2016 in XenApp

Download Office 2016 Administrative Template files and import ADML and ADMX files to C:\windows\PolicyDefinitions

GPO settings below are just a recommendation, Please review and pick  ones that apply to you. 261 more words


FormFast printing in XenApp/XenDesktop

Ensure the following

  1. “Generic / Text Only” is loaded in Printer Driver store (eg: Powershell on 2012 R2)
    1. Add-PrinterDriver -Name “Generic / Text Only”
  2. Citrix policy “Universal print driver usage” set to “Use universal printing only if requested driver is unavailable”

Removal of Citrix XenDesktop / XenApp 7.x VDA fails with InstallFailure 1603

Some of you might have seen the following problem – the removal of the VDA failed:

If you check the details you get some more information’s – e.g. 195 more words