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XenDesktop - Win10/Server2016 Startmenu becomes unresponsive

While setting up a Proof of Concept with Windows 10 VDIs the startmenu suddenly became unresponsive. I wasnt able access the startmenu and action center anymore. 206 more words


Using Powershell to Schedule Tag-based Reboots for a Delivery Controller in XenDesktop 7.12

The scenario:
You have multiple delivery groups in your XenDeskop/XenApp 7.12+, and you would like to schedule two or more different reboot schedules for machines that belong to the same delivery group based on their tag. 629 more words

XenDesktop 7.14 Step by Step

In this forthcoming blog series, I will demonstrate how I built a proof of concept VDI infrastructure using Citrix XenDesktop 7.14. I tried to mimic my POC to a production deployment with providing high availability to all possible components. 9 more words


Connectivity and Registration Issues Between XenDesktop VDA and DDC

XenDesktop 7.12
Vmware 5.5 Build 4180647
Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
Anti Virus: Trend Micro Deep Security (Agentless)

VDA is failing to register with any of the DDCs. 1,042 more words

My Chromebook Experience: Six Months later

After changing jobs nearly a year ago I found myself in need of a new laptop as I had handed back my corporate Sony Vaio and that left me with an old heavy weight dual core laptop with Windows 7. 722 more words