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Citrix Receiver has issues with Dual Monitors

I had a user who reported he would connect to his system at work and the session would go “wonky” with rendering issues.

Going through basic troubleshooting steps did not produce any interesting messages or errors. 84 more words


Citrix reports Http/1.1 Internal Server Error 43531

I have a new farm with a new VIP.

All the proper firewall rules were in place but access from the Net would only give: 96 more words


Data comparison of NVIDIA GRID Tesla P4 and P40

For my book about NVIDIA GRID I created a Data comparison table of the two graphics cards P4 and P40. From my point of view the P4 is a real underestimated card. 336 more words


Show window contents while dragging

Let’s test your XenApp/XenDesktop design skills.

With XenApp/XenDesktop 7.15, do you want to show window contents while dragging?

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NO CHEATING! Answer before continuing 293 more words


Citrix Receiver keeps opening windows!

I had a user report when he uses the Citrix Receiver to access our XenDesktop environment all sessions would reconnect and open windows. He liked XenDesktop but was annoyed by getting all his sessions opened. 184 more words


XenApp - Keyboard Layout is switching occasionally in MUI environment

In my last project for an international customer some of the users reported that the keyboard layout was switching occasionally.  In the morning the user started his published desktop and the keyboard layout was being set to French (FRA) as desired. 265 more words


Windows 10 End of Support Cycle

Let’s go through a typical conversation I end up having

Me: What version of Windows are
you using on your desktop? 

You: Windows 10

Me: What VERSION of Windows 10? 430 more words