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Powershell: Set Mouse Pointer Scheme to NONE

Why to do this?

Better user experience; reduced cpu load on zero client devices like xenith compared to aero mouse scheme.

Powershell Script
$RegConnect = ::OpenRemoteBaseKey("CurrentUser", "$env:COMPUTERNAME")
$RegCursors = $RegConnect.OpenSubKey("Control Panel\Cursors", $true)
$RegCursors.SetValue("", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("AppStarting", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("Arrow", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("Crosshair", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("Hand", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("Help", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("IBeam", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("No", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("NWPen", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("Scheme Source", 0, 'DWord')
$RegCursors.SetValue("SizeAll", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("SizeNESW", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("SizeNS", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("SizeNWSE", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("SizeWE", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("UpArrow", "")
$RegCursors.SetValue("Wait", "")

$CSharpSig = @'

public static extern bool SystemParametersInfo(
                 uint uiAction,
                 uint uiParam,
                 bool pvParam,
                 uint fWinIni);

$CursorRefresh = Add-Type -MemberDefinition $CSharpSig -Name WinAPICall -Namespace SystemParamInfo –PassThru
$CursorRefresh::SystemParametersInfo(0x0057, 0, $null, 0)

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Receiver 4.2 desktop shortcuts

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Citrix releases XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 Feature Pack 1

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vGPU support for Citrix and VMware

What is vGPU?

vGPU provides the ability to virtualize the GPU of a graphics card, specifically an NVIDIA K card. Most applications in VDI environments do not require a GPU; however, for CAD, engineering, and medical applications, GPUs are typically required. 207 more words


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How to use Outlook Cached Exchange Mode on XenApp and XenDesktop

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